How To Slim Down Without Even Trying!

I’ve had several emails from clients who are interested in tips on how to slim down the “easy way”. Gosh, is there an easy way? I have put together some tips and tricks and will add to this blog weekly. My favorite one is “SAY OM”– It turns out that meditation is as good for your waistline. During stressful times, hormones get out of whack, which can make us gain weight in our midsection.. So get started ladies, and lose the inches. You will need to meditate daily for this to be effective. Light some purple or white candles, turn on some new age music (see links below), and breathe. This state of tranquility will give you more energy and will remove all stress as well.

New Age Meditation Music Online:

Atmospheres New Age Podcast – free 30-minute new age music shows that feature relaxing music. Also be sure to download them free via iTunes for your MP3 player – great stuff!

Radio Mystic – an online internet radio station that plays new age, ambient and electronic music. Some of it is uptempo, but check it out.


6 Ways To Look Great All The Time

You don’t want to be one of those people that others snicker at, do you? Well, read on and find out how you can look great all the time. You too can find new ways to dress!

1. Take a friend or a second opinion with you to help make sure you don’t get things that are unflattering or clash with your personality.

2. Go home, try some new clothes on. Make sure you are happy with the choice and won’t regret anything.

3. Choose clothes for the occasion/setting you plan to wear them in (don’t overdress or underdress).

4. Consider how long a certain outfit will be in style. Don’t spend a ton of money on fads that will look ridiculously outdated within a few months. Basic items can be worn year after year, and can be teamed with a trend piece.

5. Before you decide on anything, ask yourself if the items you plan to buy go with anything in your current wardrobe, or what you plan to wear them with. Remember that no piece of clothing looks great on every person, so don’t assume that you’ll look like someone else does in the same outfit.

6. Don’t buy something that you don’t like. Too many people buy clothes that might be comfortable/slimming, but they know they don’t look good in. Look around more and try to find clothes that are flattering and that you like as well.