How to Drop 10 Pounds – Instantly!

When I was young back in the 60’s, my lingerie consisted of Merry widows, waist cinchers, corsets, and lycra panty girdles. Back in the boomer days we all kept our hips hugged with lots of lycra. We even had to practice daily breathing exercises so we could still look good without passing out! So now, my drawers are full of all kinds of shape wear. Everything from bras, panties, bike shorts and leg shapers, bodysuits and slips, leggings, and fishnets!

Yes, I’m the world’s biggest fan of shape wear. They are MIRACLE workers! They lift! They smooth! They mold! They shape! They minimize! They hide 10 pounds! They take inches off so you can now get into that outfit that you thought you couldn’t wear anymore.

Here’s the point: the older we get, the more we demand of our underwear. Once you hit 30, sexy alone doesn’t cut it. Nothing ages you like… granny panties, girdle legs, muffin-tops, back fat and saggy boobs! This is wear shape wear (Spanx) comes into play. I don’t even feel properly dressed unless I’m wearing my Spanx! I mean, it makes me feel like I’m in control.

Don’t think that shapewear is just for plus-size women either. Even SIZE 2 women want to feel as though they’re in control of their bodies and keep that little jiggle from moving around! It’s now a given that every woman of style wears shape wear – from the cast of Desperate Housewives to Katie Couric to Oprah to Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, even Gwyneth has owned up to the fact that she wore two pair of spanx bike shorts post-baby!

And here’s a big surprise for you: do you want to lose 3 dress sizes this weekend? Go to Adryss International and order their “Body Magic“. It may take you 10 minutes to put the thing on, but it takes off 3 dress sizes!

After all ladies, isn’t it all about looking thin? Ha – ain’t it great to be a girl?!


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