Do you REALLY Need To Wear Makeup?

Look ladies! If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times, a stylish, well-dressed woman always wears makeup. Let’s just tell it like it is, you are damned ugly without it! hahaha! Look at it this way, let’s say someone bakes you a cake but they don’t put icing on it. Now the cake may taste good but it’s not as enticing without the icing!

Many women believe that being well-dressed is enough — an expensive suit and great shoes and they are all set. However, being well dressed is just one side of looking great, the other side is looking after your skin and hair and using makeup. Equal attention must be devoted to these aspects in order to achieve a great look.

Why wear makeup?
If you’re not used to wearing makeup and feel that you look foolish or you’re not sure how to apply it, consult a makeup artist. When makeup is used correctly, your skin will look cleaner, dark circles will be less apparent, your eyes will look brighter and your lips more defined. It’s also extremely important to choose colors suitable for your skin tone. Women with light hair and skin will look better in light shades and women who have darker hair and skin look better in dark shades.

Eyebrows frame the face
Thick, tarantula type eyebrows can ruin the look of the most perfectly applied makeup. Remember, plucking or waxing your eyebrows open up the area around your eyes and draws attention to them. You do want to follow the natural line of your eyebrows and only pluck or wax the lower edge of the brow.

Eyeliner and Mascara Mistakes
Whatever your age, you must use eyeliner sparingly. Too much eyeliner can overpower the face and looks tacky. The purpose of eyeliner is to make eyelashes look fuller. To get this effect, apply mascara as close to the eyelashes as possible. Avoid thick black lines. Too much mascara will make your eyelashes stick together or thicken into blobs. To make your eyelashes look longer use an eyelash curler.

Tip for wearing black
Wearing black next to your face will make your skin appear pale and washed out unless you are very tan. Be sure and wear heavier makeup when wearing black. Do not look slutty – look exquisite!

Next week, we’ll focus on some tips for dealing with your INNER emotions and mindset – see you then!


One Response to Do you REALLY Need To Wear Makeup?

  1. A cake without icing is a muffin and I like muffins. just saying.

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