Janet’s Makeover Transformation

This is Janet. She is my little 55 yr. old “Tom Boy”. She is extremely athletic and swims numerous times a week, and loves her football. Janet has an outrageous personality and loves a good time. Her figure is totally in shape and can wear anything, but straight lines in clothes are her thing. I wanted Janet to cut all of that hair as it was a bit too young at her age and she had the bangs of a 20 yr. old. She is a beautiful woman but wasn’t taking advantage of her looks. We shagged the hair, cut off 8 inches, highlights and lowlights and it gave her a warmer look next to her skin tone. Janet never wore any makeup to speak of, so we went a lot of MAC on her and brought out her beautiful eyes and gorgeous complexion. WOW! Now she looks sexy and feminine!




Michelle’s Transformation

This is Michelle.  She is 45 yrs. old and  a size 8.  She has great style sense and really stays in shape.  The makeup and hair left a lot to be desired.  She looks too matronly and you can’t see those gorgeous eyes of hers.  We darkened the hair and put highlights in, cut hair, layered it to look edgy, and used Chanel makeup on her face to soften the look and give her a bit of “Ooom pa pa!”  WOW !  She looks younger and sassier, don’t you think?  Check out the eyes now… Be sure to leave a comment and let Michelle know what you think of her new look!

From matronly to "Hot Mama!"

Hot new look!