Get Ready for the holidays with my new video webinar!

Coming up this weekend I’ll be hosting a live video webinar to help you get ready for all those holiday parties this year! Join me for my Holiday Party Survival Guide: Makeup, Style & Etiquette SecretsWe’ll be talking makeup, clothing and styles, colors, hair, and more!  Plus etiquette tips and tricks so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb at those holiday shindigs!

Here’s just SOME of the incredible topics and information that I’ll be covering during the video event:

* How to do your own “plastic surgery” using ONLY MAKEUP

* How to wipe out those age spots and facial hair

* What brands of makeup are really the BEST for YOU?

* The hottest holiday hairstyles and colors to make you stand out and look gorgeous!

* What in the world to do with your nails, and which colors to AVOID this holiday

* What NEVER to wear at a party

* What type of party dress is the absolute BEST

* The accessories that will make you shine!

* Did you know that using the wrong type of HANGER can literally DESTROY your clothes? I’ll tell you which hanger is an absolute MUST for your closet.

* The PERFECT shoe, and how to choose which COLOR shoe to wear

Grab all the info and register to view the video replay anytime you like (or attend LIVE if you can!) at the following link:


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