How to Wear RED

So I have received a lot of questions about red lipstick. Many of you think you cannot wear red lipstick because there is a rumor that it makes us look older. LIES!  A lot of older women such as Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis wear red lipstick and look fabulous!!! But still so many questions of how to wear it come around; many of you wonder how to wear it during the day or even at night and I think the one question on every woman’s mind is, “How do I wear red lipstick without making my teeth look yellow?Wearing a blue-red lipstick is like an optical illusion. It tricks your teeth into thinking they are a true white.

Another major issue is how to wear red lipstick during the day and the key to this look is SIMPLICITY. Wearing a very simple outfit is the only way to wear red in the daytime without looking cheap. Pick out your favorite pair of jeans or leggings and pair them with a basic tank (preferably white or black) and a boyfriend blazer, this will create a beautiful silhouette and put all of the focus on your face! Try to stick with black and white when wearing red lipstick! Remember simple, simple, simple!


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