How to Wear an Animal Print at any Age!

Okay so many of my ladies are asking me if they can pull off the animal print look and the answer is YES! Any woman of any age can wear animal prints as long as it is done right! The key is to be tasteful and not over the top. Here are a few tips to help you create a fabulous animal look:

  • Stick to ONE animal.

You do not want to mix different animal prints in one outfit or you will look like a “HOT MESS” – so pick one print ONLY!

  • Stick to ONE body part.

I know it is hard because animal prints are so good looking BUT, the fact remains that we must be tasteful so pick one party of your body you would like to wear this print. Whether it is a printed top or a scarf or even a skirt, pick one and make it the statement in your outfit.


I know it’s tempting but please, please, please do not put on something too tight or too revealing. It is very easy to make animal print go from chic to eeek!

Follow these simple tips and you are sure to look stunning and vicious in animal print!!!!


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