The change in style of handbags over the years has been one crazy rollercoaster. I think 2011-2012 is the year that is the sleekest. The styles this year are all about the business woman. The strong lines and sturdy materials are very convertible from both day to night and can be the statement piece in your entire outfit.

When shopping for handbags, you want to think of this part of your wardrobe, if not anything else, as an investment. Buying a purse is not like buying a dress on sale, it will not hold up as long as you think it will. PURSES ARE MARKED DOWN IN PRICE FOR A REASON!! You want to shop quality when it comes to purses.

Look at the material and hardware and make sure that the quality is good, otherwise it will be broken in a few weeks and you will spend what you didn’t the first go around buying a second purse. I would look at finer stores like a Nordstrom or even a Stein Mart to find a brand name purse.

I know it sounds funny but, they make purses for a reason ladies. The materials used in name brand purses are often of higher quality and will last you through everything. Here are some styles that are very fabulous for 2012!


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