The Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit – YAY!

Jean Paul Gaultier is a noted fashion designer who designs raunchy, sexy, rare pieces of clothing, but Jean Paul does not consider his work to be art. Jean Paul Gaultier often leads the revolving trend, debuting his corset-style dresses in 1983, designing Madonna’s Blond Ambition World Tour costumes in 1990, and since then designing hundreds of corset-inspired pieces, including evening gowns, crocodile and leather wear, and my favorite, a black stone skeleton piece worn by Dita Von Teese.  JeanPaul is giving Dallas, TX the chance to see his designs and hear about the inspiration behind them for the first time ever. Here is what I saw and felt throughout the exhibit:

There are 6 rooms when you enter the exhibit that displays 6 different themes: The Odyssey, The Boudoir, Skin Deep, Punk Cancan, Urban Jungle, and Metropolis.

The Odyssey Room

The Odyssey: This room was my one of my favorites because it featured a very religious, controversial side of JeanPaul that many have not seen. The designs feature Sirens, Sailors, and Virgins and each one of the designs are placed on a faceless mannequin with a screen projected face that talks to you about what they are wearing. This was the most amazing projection I have seen in a long time. The faces look so real it is almost frightening.  The pieces featured in this room have such a beautiful glow about them with many gold materials and mother of pearl shells. It is almost as if the Sistine Chapel was put into fashion form.

The Boudoir Room

The Boudoir: This room is setup like a 1940’s powder room. The walls are baby pink padded with gorgeous drapery all over. The room displays many of Madonna’s old corsets and even some of JeanPaul’s earlier corset designs. This room is what I consider to be the start of JeanPaul’s climb to fame and really where he drew inspiration from.

Skin Deep Room

Skin Deep: Before you can even leave The Boudoir Room your eyes are pulled toward these 3 avante gard pieces in the middle of the Skin Deep room that are adorned in gorgeous crystals and gemstones. The room is decorated in red neon lights and almost has a very “red light district” feel and an “after dark” approach on the designs. These pieces are the heart of JeanPaul. They were designed at a time in his life where he was pushing the limit when it came to fashion and you can see the visible difference in each room displaying that. These designs are very daring, with missing breast pieces and lots of whips and leather. By far my favorite room.

Punk Cancan Room

Punk Cancan: Punk Cancan is exactly what it is titled. The designs are very British Punk with a few Spanish influenced designs as well. The models have mohawks and speak in a British accent about their designs and tell you about some of their favorite features. This room is not my style but you can always find something amazing in every design.

The Gaultier Exhibit

Urban Jungle: Urban Jungle is the most inspirational room. This room to me shows a lot of JeanPaul’s creativity. He has designs made from rolls of photography film, scuba gear, and even a coiled hot pink cocktail dress to die for! These designs were absolutely his most innovative and creative.

The Corset

Metropolis: This room had designs that I could see women in New York wearing. The styles portrayed a city woman who is very fashion forward and loves to be the center of attention. The room featured thigh high ostrich feather boots and a lace shawl hat that was out of this world. Every style in this room had a European touch to it that I hope one day American Designers will start to draw inspiration from.

We are so lucky to have gotten the chance to see JeanPaul’s exhibits up close and personal like this! We are one of two places in the United States that gets to view these designs. If you are in the Dallas area and get the chance to go you will not regret it. The way the exhibit is set up you feel as if you are having a private interview with JeanPaul himself about these designs. Don’t miss it!


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