Tips for Looking Younger #4: Thicker Eyebrows

We all remember having some sort of eyebrow crisis in our lives.

Whether it was over plucking or having half of our eyebrow waxed off, we have all been there. But one way to really look younger is to keep your eyebrows a big thicker. Now I am not saying look like a caveman, but leave a little bit more on the arch and ends of your eyebrow. This will give your face a more dominant look and focus the attention on your eyes and avoid those fine lines and wrinkles.

Now I know some of you have the sparse eyebrows but there is a simple fix to that. You can fill in those spaces by using a brow pencil or a dark eye shadow that matches your eyebrow color. Now if you are unsure how to create a thicker, younger eyebrow visit a makeup artist to show you how to create this look. Remember that you are going for a natural look here so use short natural strokes and avoid overarching because this will only make you look older! THINK ELIZABETH TAYLOR! Complete this look and you are one young hot momma!


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