Shoes… with Style!

Many of you ladies are in that stage in life where it is almost impossible to find the right kind of shoe. The shoes this day and time are either 6 inches high or flat and frumpy.

We often have issues with our feet whether it is swelling or arch problems and shopping for shoes is the last thing we enjoy next to weighing ourselves!

Well it is time to change that. I have spent time studying shoes and the woman’s feet and found out many things that I was unaware of before.

Many of us do not know the type of shoe we should be buying at our age and this is often why we have foot pain later in life.
Women 40+ have to find a shoe with arch support yet sturdy on the sides to support the ENTIRE FOOT. So here are some styles that I love:

Below is a pair of leopard kitten heels. These are very sensible if you are going to work or out to dinner and they give you just enough height to have a sexy leg without feeling like you are going to break your ankle.

If, on the other hand, you are just going shopping or out with girlfriends or even if you prefer a lower flat shoe, these Tory Burch flats are HEAVEN (below). They have a built in arch support with a cushion that sits behind the heel so you won’t have that painful blister occur like some flats tend to create!

Remember ladies, not all flats have to be frumpy and look like something our ancestors created!  Keep your style in mind and find something that says YOU!


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