“Pop Up” Shopping Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger!

New York City’s Meatpacking district is a shopper’s paradise, but don’t let the name fool you: if you’re looking for a center cut, or, say, a rack of lamb, you’re in the wrong place. The area is now home to major fashion, people: Jeffrey! DVF! Louboutin! I’m telling you, you’ll become that much more chic just by roaming the cobbled streets of this uber stylish ‘hood, and well before you make even a single purchase. I was there last night (and am still feeling the residual coolness!) and if the regular shops weren’t dazzling enough, there, nestled on the corner of Little West 12th and Ninth Avenue, was something entirely different.

Tommy Hilfiger's "Prep World"

Was I having a Wizard of Oz moment? Possibly. There, as if dropped from the sky, was the cutest little white shingled cottage I’ve ever seen, complete with blue and white striped window awnings. Turns out it’s Tommy Hilfiger’s new pop up store, debuting in New York before it tours internationally (Paris, Milan, etc.). Hilfiger is calling it “Prep World,” and for good reason. The house is stocked with all of the designer’s classics (button downs to duck boots), as well as a few home accoutrements that stay on message (anchor-motif pillows, badminton racquets).

The house opens Thursday May 5th and will remain open for one week. Yes, my friends, you’ll need to shop fast before that little cottage flies off to its next destination! If you’re anywhere NEAR New York on May 5th, get your happy little ass over there and dive in!


Do You REALLY Know How to Shop?

I’m all for buying, but I think we can all agree that the economy is still struggling. Now more than ever you need to use shopping smarts. That means you should put an end to impulse buying and instead give each and every purchase its full consideration. Even, in some cases, sleeping on the decision a night or two before you plunk down your green backs.

Because you need to love what you buy, and just between us girls, that’s sometimes hard to figure out when you are in the throes of an almost orgasmic shopping experience! Will that long cardigan become a fashion best friend (wear it all the time), a fashion acquaintance (wear it once in a while), or, GASP, a fashion enemy (shoved to the back, forgotten)? You know what I’m talking about: The item that seems so promising in the glare of the fitting room lights sometimes looks very different when you bring it home. Well here are some steps that are sure to fix all those shopping problems:

  • Do not try an item on OVER other clothes, unless it is meant to be worn that way. I know, getting all undressed can be a pain, but if it’s, say, a silk blouse, you will never know how it really fits if you put it on over a sweater.
  • Take your time. Sit, bend, reach, stretch. Move in all sorts of ways so you see how the item moves with you.
  • Make sure it REALLY fits. A friend who used to be a top buyer for Macy’s told me more than 50% of purchases women make are in the wrong size. My advice? Try one size larger and one size smaller in the item, just to be sure.
  • Does it flatter you? Is the color or print right? Does it accentuate the best part of your body? Does it look good from all angles (yes, that means from behind!).
  • Consider what you already have in your closet that this item will complement. While standing in the dressing room, think of at least 5 outfits that you can create, incorporating this new item.
  • Really THINK about what hole this item is filling in your wardrobe. It needs to have a purpose from the get go, and if it’s just another (pair of black pants, print dress, etc.), then you might be better to skip it.

Go! Buy! Be chic!

13 Things You Should NEVER Wear on Pain of Death!

I'm sorry - what the HELL IS THIS?

The point of getting dressed every day is to look your best. Sure, sure, if you are among the genetically blessed and can wear just about anything and rock it, we’re happy for you. For everyone else, choose wisely. Here are 13 things that look good on no one:

1. Pleated Slacks
They will make you look old, fat and out of date.

2. Micro Mini Skirt
Sure if you are 16 years old and have short petite legs but ladies, get real. You are a bit seasoned to wear something this small. The most universally flattering length is knee length or just below.

3. The Color Orange
It works in pops of color like a necklace or a cami under a jacket but as an entire outfit, ya look like a big tangerine and often times orange is one of the hardest colors to wear across the entire body.

4. Acid Wash Denim
It was popular in 1985. Enough said.

I LOVE promoting other people's brands even though they don't pay me shit! Just say NO, or look like a moron.

5. Capped Sleeves
You know the sad thing is I see this on at least 3 women everyday. You could have the arms of Madonna and still look flabby so please ladies, pick any other sleeve but this!

6. Wide Horizontal Stripes
This does nothing for any woman. I don’t care if you are a size 0. This does make you look big. If you must wear stripes opt for smaller lines or do alternating dark colors or tone on tone (beige on taupe).

7. Shorts With Heels
If you work at the night clubs in Vegas then go right ahead but this is never appropriate or classy. If you are wearing shorts you should be wearing flats or wedges ONLY.

8. Christmas Sweaters

9. Overalls
These are not even chic on the farm so what in the hell makes you think you can pull them off here! No way!

10. Boxy Jackets
These create a boxy silhouette and look terrible on. The most flattering and stylish shape right now is shrunken and fitted.

NOTHIN will rise to meet you in bed if you're wearing THIS! LOL

11. Stockings With Sandals
They are sandals ladies! They are meant to be worn with bare feet.

12. Logos
Doesn’t matter if it is a football team or designer, wearing a logo takes style away from the outfit and appears as though you are trying to flash it.

13. Flannel Night Gowns
Unless you are violently ill or have the flu, this should never EVER EVER be worn in bed with a man around. This is the biggest turnoff to men of every age.

7 Things You Should NEVER Wear if You’re Over a Certain Age

Ladies, I KNOW how desperately many of you would like to “reclaim your youth”, but lemme drill into you the fact that it’s NEVER a good idea to attempt this vicariously through your CLOTHING! Here are seven things you should NEVER, EVER wear (or expose!) when you’re getting up there in age:

Avoid miniskirts or short shorts, especially with Uggs. A skirt should be an inch above or an inch below the knee; tiny shorts are only for the beach. And if it’s warm enough to bare your legs, ditch the boots.

Don’t expose your stomach, even if you have rock-hard abs. It’s never appropriate.

Oh my GAWD!
The cut looks unflattering even on young, perky bodies, so imagine what it does to women who need a lift! Tube tops smush the boobs and create the appearance of underarm flab, even if you don’t have any.

Tunics treated as dresses cut you off at midthigh. Try a tunic over leggings: problem solved.

Adult women should not take style cues from little girls. ‘Nuff said.

As you age, skin gets more sallow—and neon colors don’t look good against it. Red or coral is as daring as you should go.

If you wore this trend during the first go-around in the ’80s, that’s a sign you shouldn’t resurrect it. In fact, follow that rule with every trend.

SO – that should cover you. If you EVER have the desire to put on or display any of the above atrocities, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY so I can talk your sorry-ass OUT of it. At our age, it’s time to move forward with style and grace and leave the crap for those that don’t know any better!

How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

How can I keep my lipstick from fading? There IS a way to make your lipstick last at least through a passionate conversation and maybe even a couple of cups of coffee. Dab a bit of foundation over the lips and lip line, which helps to fill in fine lines and gives a lipcolor something to adhere to. Next, with the side of a lip pencil rather than the point, outline your lips. Using the side gives a softer application that’s easier to blend; look for a natural or nude shade that matches the color of your lips. Then apply your favorite lipstick. Keep in mind: The glossier or sheerer the lipcolor, the more quickly it will fade.

How to Stop Mascara from Smudging

Avoid getting raccoon eyes when  you wear black mascara!

If you’re not being extra careful with the eye cream, start now. Using too much of it under your eyes can lead to smudged and smeared mascara. For daytime, try a hydrating eye cream formula—the primary ingredient will be water—rather than a very emollient one.  A light dusting of translucent powder on your (closed) eyes before applying mascara can also eliminate smudging because the powder absorbs oils and moisture. I recommend one of the new “tube” mascaras, which won’t smudge, clump, or flake, and will wash off more easily than waterproof formulas. (Try L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara, $11; drugstores.)

Spring 2013 Sneak Preview!

That’s right – I said 2013 ladies! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with The Doneger Group, a corporation that is the leading source of global market trends, and I have learned a lot about what will be happening as of 2013!

Many of you have noticed the shift in colors between fall and spring, we really have stuck to that change as a whole and always known it for being dark in the fall and brighter in the spring…. but get ready – because that’s all about to change!

Fall will still have many of those dark shades but with that, so will spring.  The influences of rainforest and nature will be very prominent in spring. Below are some of the Pantone colors that will really be playing a major role in our wardrobes.

We will see a lot of brown, taupe, turquoise, brick, and orange. Not my favorite selection of colors but they will be very popular in lines such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Now there will be a lot of whites and air-y colors but mostly I am seeing these dark influences like you see at the top left corner of this chart.

If you are like me and these colors don’t really ring your bells, I suggest using them sparingly. Add a turquoise bag or belt and maybe a brick colored blouse under a blazer. Play with the colors a bit to really see what you can and cannot pull off. You have a while so you can really already start investing in pieces with these color influences now.