Cuff Boots – the CHIC Way!

Have you ever wanted to wear a cuffed boot but you were not sure how to wear it without looking like a pirate?

Well I have been shopping all over to help you ladies out and I have found that there is a way to wear these boots and they are very much in style right now.

This look started in the 1800s when a shoemaker was creating shoes for the village and he found that he could create sturdy flat shoes but he didn’t have anything for bad weather. For years the man struggled and struggled until he came up with a shoe that completely covered the shaft of the foot as well as half of the leg. Many were skeptical at first saying that the boot would never last but for years it stood as a fashion icon.

Today you can find many different styles of cuffed boots and I have posted here several that I think you will love. Boots are going to be very stylish for years and years. They add that certain something to an outfit and I think from the selection I have posted you can see that they are very versatile, and you can wear them with pretty much any outfit. Some great stores to try are DSW, Nordstrom, and Zappos.


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