Over The Knee… Oh My!

Ladies, we all know and love the movie Pretty Woman. Like me, I am sure that many of you would love to have the body that Julia Roberts spent months molding for this movie. There is one part though that every woman wants to re-create. THOSE DANG BOOTS!!!

After the movie, those boots were sold out for almost 4 years straight because they received so much hype. Now I know you all are thinking that you are too mature to pull off this look, (after all she was a gentleman caller!) But you can! Maybe not in the exact same way but you can pull off an over the knee boot.

Today there are many styles of over the knee boots. We have flat ones, round-toe, embellished, heeled, and even platform! Pair your over the knee boots with a skinny jean, leggings, or jeggings and add a simple cami with a cardigan, or for a fierce look add a leather jacket!  The boots should stand as the focal point for the outfit so keep everything else simple!

WARNING: DO NOT wear over the knee boots with a skirt or dress…it gives off the wrong impression and can leave others thinking that you and Julia worked the same block (if you know what I mean).

Here are some great styles I found that I think you ladies will love. Remember, you want these boots to be a reflection of your style so find that special pair and WORK IT!


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