Menswear – for Women?!

This is my favorite look for Fall and Spring!!!! I know many of you have seen the Menswear looks that are out there right now and you are thinking, “I could never wear that.” Well you can!!! Follow these guidelines and you will be sure to pull off this look!

  • It’s all about the lines: When shopping to create this look, make sure you try on everything and pay close attention to the tailoring of the itemThe blazer should have a nice princess cut that accentuates your waist and has broad shoulders to give you the appearance of a slender sillohuette.
  • Pants: When shopping for the bottoms to this look, you want to find a high waisted wide leg pant or a straight leg pant.
  • Details, ladies: Pairing both the tailored jacket and pants with a stiff collared top will create a gorgeous look that is sure to bring looks. Add a simple necklace and flats or a heel and you will knock em dead ladies!

If you need any more help with this look, Diane Keaton is a fashion icon for the menswear look.


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