Edward Scissorhands Chic: Studs and Spikes!

This is one of my favorite looks that transitions throughout the year, and you can wear it anytime. The best way I can describe this look is “Edward Scissorhands Chic”. That probably sounds really odd but that’s exactly what inspired this look. The idea of real hardware mixed with black and leather is such an iconic look that a woman at any age can pull it off. Here’s how we do it:

Pick one item that you want to stand out in your outfit. This can be a bracelet or a shoe or even a handbag. Look for styles that have studs or spikes on it that you can really see yourself wearing. Here is a pair of Louboutin heels that have studs all over them that really give any outfit a pop of sexy! With studs and spikes you really do not need to add to many accessories because the studs and spikes take on that role of an accessory.

Here I also wanted to show you a handbag. It is a Burkin Knockoff but I love the spikes on this. This handbag would dress up any look and really stand out as a statement in your wardrobe. Spikes and studs will be around for a while so feel free to INVEST in this look because it will be around for a while!

Remember ladies, be daring! This look is for a CONFIDENT woman so when you wear it, own it!!!!!


One Response to Edward Scissorhands Chic: Studs and Spikes!

  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    i love me some studs!


    Loretta xx

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