How to Wear the Maxi-Dress

So as Spring 2012 quickly approaches, we are seeing more and more skirts and dresses and very flowy, sexy material. I think one of the greatest styles that is really going to hit this Spring is the maxi dress. Now I know most of the models that you see wearing these dresses appear younger, but you can really utilize them for trips you may be taking or even dates you will have!

To dress up the Maxi Dress: you want to look for a simple print maxi dress for this. Nothing too paisley or crazy, something simple. The most popular and effective ones I have seen are the basic color maxi dresses or the striped maxi dresses. Then pair your dress with a structured blazer, wedge shoes or heels, and a statement necklace that compliments (but DOES NOT take away from) the outfit.

To dress down the Maxi Dress: find any maxi dress that you like. This can be a printed maxi, tribal, striped, racer-back, etc. Then add a cute pair of sandals and you can wear this look pretty much anywhere.

What I love about the maxi dress is how effortless it is and how simple it is to create a very fashion-forward look in seconds. Have fun with this look and try all different styles of dresses to see what hits you!


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