Adele… TOO FAT???

So I am not sure if many of you ladies keep up with designer news as much as I do but I came across something that is definitely worth being blogged about! The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld who is known for designing haute couture and the newest line at Macy’s has definitely inserted his foot in his mouth this time. He has always been known for outlandish behavior and cynical comments but this really pissed me off!

He was interviewed by the free Metro Newspaper and he said that Adele is the new hot thing right now, she’s beautiful and has a pretty face but, she is “too fat”.

Now, we all know the fashion industry is nothing short of anorexic and that has not changed much over the years but COME ON! I think the reason I was so shocked upon hearing this is because Karl is one of few designers that is trying to lead a frontier in plus size fashion. This only leads me to think that he is merely doing it for money and no other reasons.

Adele, to me, symbolizes ¾ of women in this world. The size 2 and size 4 population is in short supply. Now I am not saying that it is good to be unhealthy and promote obesity but you should focus on what a person stands for and who they are, not what you THINK they should look like.

The rest of the article goes on to say that many companies and groups of people are lashing out at Lagerfeld and even boycotting his threads! He offered a public apology but then again, don’t they always if it’s going to jeopardize their cash flow?

Adele commented in response and said she is proud of who she is and no one, even of his stature, will change how she views herself.


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