How to Fix your Cankles!

So I have been inundated with emails about this and I really want to address this! CANKLES! Many women who age overtime start to retain water more and forget that this leads to swelling all over and our ankles and wrists are the first places it shows. BUT, there is an easy fix to this problem if you tend to swell 24/7 around your ankles:

•Wear pants. Do opt for pants whenever possible and make sure they aren’t tapered (leggings and skinny jeans are difficult to pull off with cankles.) A pant that falls in a straight line from the hip (not too fitted, not too wide) is the most flattering.

•Skip cropped pants. Avoid cropped pants that end at the ankle; it’s a difficult look to pull off with cankles because it highlights the problem area.  Capris and Bermuda shorts can work if they end at or right below the knee.

•Find the narrowest part of your leg. Skirts and dresses should have a hemline that ends at the narrowest part of your leg; for most women that’s in the knee area (either right above or below the knee.) Avoid ruffled or embellished hems that draw the eye downward.

•Love some tall boots! Tall boots were made for women with cankles. If you want to look long and lean, opt for leggings or slim jeans with a tunic, tucked in to tall boots. Many stores – like – -have boots made especially for wide calves if traditional boots don’t work.

 •Avoid ankle straps. Skip shoes that have lacing or straps that go around the ankle. The most flattering shoes have a heel or wedge that elongate the foot and gives your leg a slimmer look.

•Go chunky. Chunky-heeled shoes are especially flattering because they balance out heavy cankles.

•Decorate it. Of course, there’s always the fashion theory that says “If you can’t hide it, decorate it.” Wear an ankle bracelet or tattoo your cankles and show them off with pride.


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