Spring is Here!

Okay, so we all know spring is fast approaching and the wonderful not too hot, not too cold weather is a comin’! With that comes all new style and fashion and there are several looks I am so excited about!!!!


This Spring is going to be all about neon colors. Your tangerines, your limes, your watermelons, and your lemons!!! I think that ANY woman can fit these colors into their wardrobes and it will liven up your look!

Try a bright lipstick or a standout jean to add that pop of color without going over the top.


This new lip is all about matte color. While bright is very in, the glossy high school lip gloss is TOTALLY OUT!!! I think this is great because it allows you to wear a brighter lip shade without really being too over the top about it. Now the lip color will look more subtle that way you can wear it everywhere!


Wedges are going to be huge! I have seen them in every way shape and form and I love them all! The overall shape has transcended and the color is brighter. I have seen ones with laces that you can wear to work and I have also seen glitter ones that can bring life to a dull outfit so get out there and try these new styles!

Spring is about trying new BRIGHT looks so don’t be afraid to try a little color!


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