Betsey Come Back!

So I am sure most of you know that New York Fashion Week has been going on this week and it is showing you what styles are to come for Fall of 2012. I have seen some amazing designers, and then some I just want to grab my sewing machine and get to town to fix their issues!

Betsey Johnson is one of them.

I LOVE Betsey Johnson. She has always had a really kooky sexy style in her designs and pushed the limit when it came to fashion which I respect 110%. But when Steve Madden bought out Betsey Johnson, I think it brought down the brand.

Betsey’s always stuck with vibrant designs and patterns and she is infamous for her pink and leopard combination, so when I was watching the Fall 2012 Fashion Show I was more than upset to see that all of that excitement was gone in her collection. Sure there were a few pink pieces but there was no spark, it was very dark and drab. Not the same Betsey we know and love.  SHE DIDN’T EVEN DO THE CARTWHEEL AT THE END!

I hope that in the future Betsey will get her own “say-so” back into her designs and make it bright and fun like it used to be, because I am afraid that her brand, and it’s customers will eventually dwindle because they aren’t used to “conservative Betsey”. I guess only time will tell.


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