Spring 2013 Sneak Preview!

That’s right – I said 2013 ladies! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with The Doneger Group, a corporation that is the leading source of global market trends, and I have learned a lot about what will be happening as of 2013!

Many of you have noticed the shift in colors between fall and spring, we really have stuck to that change as a whole and always known it for being dark in the fall and brighter in the spring…. but get ready – because that’s all about to change!

Fall will still have many of those dark shades but with that, so will spring.  The influences of rainforest and nature will be very prominent in spring. Below are some of the Pantone colors that will really be playing a major role in our wardrobes.

We will see a lot of brown, taupe, turquoise, brick, and orange. Not my favorite selection of colors but they will be very popular in lines such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. Now there will be a lot of whites and air-y colors but mostly I am seeing these dark influences like you see at the top left corner of this chart.

If you are like me and these colors don’t really ring your bells, I suggest using them sparingly. Add a turquoise bag or belt and maybe a brick colored blouse under a blazer. Play with the colors a bit to really see what you can and cannot pull off. You have a while so you can really already start investing in pieces with these color influences now.


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