“Pop Up” Shopping Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger!

New York City’s Meatpacking district is a shopper’s paradise, but don’t let the name fool you: if you’re looking for a center cut, or, say, a rack of lamb, you’re in the wrong place. The area is now home to major fashion, people: Jeffrey! DVF! Louboutin! I’m telling you, you’ll become that much more chic just by roaming the cobbled streets of this uber stylish ‘hood, and well before you make even a single purchase. I was there last night (and am still feeling the residual coolness!) and if the regular shops weren’t dazzling enough, there, nestled on the corner of Little West 12th and Ninth Avenue, was something entirely different.

Tommy Hilfiger's "Prep World"

Was I having a Wizard of Oz moment? Possibly. There, as if dropped from the sky, was the cutest little white shingled cottage I’ve ever seen, complete with blue and white striped window awnings. Turns out it’s Tommy Hilfiger’s new pop up store, debuting in New York before it tours internationally (Paris, Milan, etc.). Hilfiger is calling it “Prep World,” and for good reason. The house is stocked with all of the designer’s classics (button downs to duck boots), as well as a few home accoutrements that stay on message (anchor-motif pillows, badminton racquets).

The house opens Thursday May 5th and will remain open for one week. Yes, my friends, you’ll need to shop fast before that little cottage flies off to its next destination! If you’re anywhere NEAR New York on May 5th, get your happy little ass over there and dive in!


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