How to Wear This Season’s Colors to Your Advantage

So I have noticed that the colors of this Spring and Summer 2012 season are bright and vibrant, but one thing that I think is important for every woman to know is how to wear these colors. I think that as you age, you become more confident in your own style and really embrace fashion and I have a few tricks that will help with that as well as bringing out the natural beauty of women 40+. I see many women wearing very daring, hideous outfits, and instead of standing out and being a fashion statement, they look a hot mess! I think with the colors that will be popular in the Summer and Fall, that will be easy to do if you don’t know how to pair the colors correctly.

Here I have a palette of the colors that are the hot trends according to Pantone and I really think that many women don’t know how to pair and wear these colors. So I am here to help!

The Top 10 Colors for Fall 2012 Fashion

If you are wearing the colors like the Chartreuse and the Pink Flambé and even the Ultramarine, you want to make sure these are not your base outfit colors. Use them as accent pieces.

DO play around with the colors and even create a color block look.

DON’T wear the bright colors as a monochromatic look, it will only age your appearance.

DO pair the bright colors with a statement blazer for work or even as a cami under a suit.

DON’T use the French Roast color as a crutch. Go outside your comfort zone and try the brighter hues. It is Spring/Summer after all.

DO express yourself and wear the color you like the most. The better you feel about your appearance, the better you look. 90% of women exude more confidence to men when they feel good about what they are wearing.

If you need any more advice click on some of my other articles for styles, tips, and tricks to go from frumpy to fabulous!


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