The Top 3 Products for Keeping Your Feet Soft & Smooth

Show those feet some LOVE, baby!

Summertime is right around the corner and along with summer comes dry skin. Now if you are like me that dry skin is predominately on your feet – especially the heels. I have tried a lot of products out there for these issues from specialized foot creams to even the stuff at Bath and Body Works and here are the top products to keep those feet silky smooth.

1. The Diamancel Tough Buffer is great for buffing your heels. The trick is to use it every day rather than waiting until your heels look rough. If you do a few quick buffs every day, your heels will stay soft.

2. The Sally Hansen Pumice Stone. Use this in the shower and it will remove all of that dead skin around your heel. You will want to use this at least twice a week to remove the dead skin cells and keep circulation in your feet.

3. Remyde Sweep Body Scrub. This product is great for all over your body but seems a little to harsh for delicate skin so I use it on my feet. This is great for the top of your foot that gets the most exposure to shoes and dead cells.

All of these products will help you achieve silky smooth feet and it will keep the dead skin cells from building up and causing possible infections. Stay soft ladies!


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