The Perfect Mascara

So I have been on a search for the perfect mascara ladies and I think I found it!!

As we get older our lashes tend to wither away. I mean after all the fake eyelashes we wore when we were young and all the piles and piles of eyeliner and cheap mascaras, we lost a lot of the strong protein enriched lashes. What we have now are short dull and sparse lashes that make it hard as hell to try and put mascara on. I don’t know about you ladies but I try to put it on and I get it all over my eyelid, in the corners of my eye, and I have on occasion poked myself in the eye and let me tell ya, I am over it!

I found the perfect mascara for these problems! It is L’oreal Telescopic Explosion and it is great! The difference between this product and all others is that the brush applicator is rounded. The tip gets to all of those short stubby lashes and does it without leaving mascara residue all over your eye! You ladies have to try this product I guarantee you will absolutely love it!


One Response to The Perfect Mascara

  1. Deborah Reed says:

    I really like Lancome’s mascara – Definicils. This mascara can be purchased w/regular applicator or the oscillation applicator which adds more intensity

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