LOVE this plus-size dress from Anna Scholz!

This amazing dress is sexy, elegant and super flattering! It falls to below the knee in a stunning shift of fuchsia pink crepe jersey which moves with you. A cowled overlay at the front of the dress creates a sumptuous second layer which drapes over your curves. It also features a V-neckline at the front underlayer, cap sleeves and a sleek, plain back. Looks seriously sizzling with strappy metallic heels. Throw on Anna’s circle georgette jacket when the sun goes down.



Covergirl’s Last Blast Luxe Mascara

I know I have told you ladies about a few of my favorite mascara’s but this one I just couldn’t pass up telling you about. Covergirl’s new Lash Blast Luxe is mascara that has flakes of color mixed into it that compliment your specific eye color. This is perfect for those days that you don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup and you just want to do a simple moisturizer and mascara look. It goes on thick and you won’t need coat after coat because the flakes define every lash! This is definitely worth trying at least once; I promise you will love it.

Love Your Lips: EOS Lip Balm

As summer approaches, moisturizing is so very important to keep your skin healthy and soft. While there are many products that are perfect for this, not a whole lot actually moisturize your lips. I have found the solution! EOS lip balm! I have tried them all from Burt’s Bees to Carmex to Chapstick but none of them last and really replenish the moisture that dry hot air removes. EOS has both spf and vitamins that focus on key elements air and humidity take away from your skin. So invest in this product for summer ladies because it is going to get HOT, HOT, HOT!

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends: Motion in the Ocean!


A huge trend for Spring/Summer 2012 is a futuristic water world. This look started in Paris for fashion week and trickled down to many designers and I am starting to see these looks even in stores. This concept featured various hues of blue and many starfish, shell, and tide-like ruffles. Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton used this trend to set off their collections and I think that while some of these looks may be a bit drastic, you will slowly see them in many stores soon! Try incorporating this beach front fashion into your wardrobe!

Are You Too OLD To Model?

One of my viewers wrote in to ask if she’s too old to model. She’s over 40. What do you think my answer was? hahahaha! Check out my latest video and leave a comment!

Recycled Trends: High-Waisted Leg Pants



I must say out of all the trends that have been recycled, this is my absolute favorite trend: high-waisted leg pants. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen really set this look on the map. And let me tell you, if you have curves, this look is absolutely dynamite!!! Here are some tips that will create the best look for you!

  • When you buy a pair of these pants you want to make sure that the length is perfect! You want the hem to hit right above the top of your toes. Any shorter and you look like you have on crops and any longer, you will look toeless!
  • You must wear heels with these pants!!! Wedges will add too much bulk around the foot and flats will shorten your legs making them appear stubby.
  • When choosing a top, opt for something fitted like a nice sleek camisole with a blazer or a sleek blouse to create a slim silhouette.

This look can be transferred to every season so you will want to invest in a great pair of high wasted wide leg pants! Now go out and rock this look ladies!!

Sorbet Jeans


This trend is so big this summer and what I love about it is that every sized woman can wear these with some key tips in mind.

1.  Don’t over power the jeans.  The jeans should be the statement color in the outfit so don’t overdo it with other colors.

2.  Keep it simple.  Pick simple lines up top that create a flowy silhouette. Matching floral top or even a simple v-neck and blazer will set off this outfit in an effortless way.

3. Shoes!

Keep the shoes extra simple or extra flat! If you choose to go with a heel, opt for something nude and simple. If you choose to go with a flat sandal, you can pick something a little more exciting!

This style will only be around for summer so make sure you try it while it’s hot!