Recycled Trends: High-Waisted Leg Pants



I must say out of all the trends that have been recycled, this is my absolute favorite trend: high-waisted leg pants. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen really set this look on the map. And let me tell you, if you have curves, this look is absolutely dynamite!!! Here are some tips that will create the best look for you!

  • When you buy a pair of these pants you want to make sure that the length is perfect! You want the hem to hit right above the top of your toes. Any shorter and you look like you have on crops and any longer, you will look toeless!
  • You must wear heels with these pants!!! Wedges will add too much bulk around the foot and flats will shorten your legs making them appear stubby.
  • When choosing a top, opt for something fitted like a nice sleek camisole with a blazer or a sleek blouse to create a slim silhouette.

This look can be transferred to every season so you will want to invest in a great pair of high wasted wide leg pants! Now go out and rock this look ladies!!


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