Leather – in the Summer?

So as the seasons transition we think of putting away all the heavy materials like your furs, cable knits, and leathers. But this season, that is all about to change.

Leather is becoming a huge part of this seasons summer must-haves. Shorts and skirts are turning towards a chic biker look and becoming a classic piece that is a must have. Now don’t be scared ladies, leather doesn’t always have to give off the appearance of a rough sexy biker. You can always pair leather with a chiffon top or light blouse and you can look very feminine and romantic. Leather is going to be very important so be on the lookout for a piece you can incorporate into your wardrobe.


Stripes, Ahoy!

This season, stripes are the talk of the town but I am not talking your traditional navy and white nautical stripes. While those are classic and chic, this season is all about mixing it up. Stripes are now used with sheer material and even in neons!

The same old horizontal stripes are going out the window because now we are seeing geometric slits that appear to be stripes. These stripes, if placed right, can have a slimming effect in appearance so don’t be afraid to try these new styles ladies. I have added a few pictures of different ways we are starting to see stripes for the summer!


Short Ladies: 9 Ways To Look Taller!

Are you vertically-challenged? Watch one of my recent videos and learn how to make yourself look taller by using your fashion-sense!

The “Urban Jungle” Trend


This look is sweeping stores by storm this Spring, and I think it is going to be big in the fall as well. Michael Kors has evoked this look in his Fall 2011 as well as Spring 2012 designs and women all over have taken to this look very fast. Urban Jungle is a trend that pairs khaki, utilitarian styles that are perfect for trips and vacations. The look of urban jungle can be achieved many ways but you do not want to overdo it or you could end up looking like a big grocery bag! Keep this look simple. Add a khaki blazer with a deep colored bottom like a sage, brown, or even taupe colored bottom. Find one key piece that seems tribal and use simple concept pieces to build an urban jungle look that is perfect for you!

Spring Essentials

If you just cant get enough of spring, like me, you will love this list. I have done some research and come up with a few things that I feel are must haves for this spring so take heed ladies!

  1. Peplum Top: This is an essential because it is very trend-forward and it is sexy in a simple elegant way.
  2. White Shoes: Whether they are flats or heels, you have to have a pair of white shoes because they will be the basic color in your spring and summer palette. These will play a large role in being this summer’s neutral tone.
  3. Statement Earrings: I love statement earrings because you can really utilize these both day and night. They can be played up or down anytime, anywhere.
  4. Drop Waist Dress: This look is a little more daring but if you can find your unique way to wear it, this will more than likely be your go-to look for summer.
  5. Sleeveless Jacket: The sleeveless jacket started really in fall runway looks and slowly but surely we have accepted the look as a trend and now it is just a phenomenal trend. If you have great arms you can wear is sleeveless as is or if you are like me and want to cover some of that you can pair it with a simple V-neck light t-shirt. Still simple but maintaining that level of conservatism.
  6. Pastel Polish: I have been waiting for this look and it is finally here! Pastels are just taking over all aspects of fashion from tops to pants to jeans to shoes and now NAILS! Every skin tone looks amazing in some shade of pastel so you really can’t go wrong with this look.
  7. Printed Pants: I have seen this in so many ways around town and I must say I like it a lot. If you pair these prints with a complementary shade on top and a subdued flat or wedge, you will be able to really achieve this trend look.
  8. Drawstring Bag: This is an essential for vacation because you can carry everything in it and still have a stylized bag that is very appropriate, not to mention you can keep sand and water from easily ruining your items inside. I would find a bright color and stay away from neutrals in this bag just because you want it to be your statement piece.


Boot Glams


As Summer quickly approaches I see more and more unique, strappy, fun heels. So I have been in search for the perfect pair but I cannot wear these really tall, sky high heels I have been seeing in EVERY STORE! I found the perfect solution to look unique but still have the heel you want and that is BOOT GLAMS!

I found this product through my granddaughter actually and it is funny because she had the CEO of Boot Glams come speak to her fashion trends class about their product and when she came home and I told me I was amazed at this product. It works for any woman, any age. The concept is you basically take any heel or boot that you already own and you tie this adornment of feathers or jewels around the ankle and you have created and ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SHOE!!! Here are some pictures of what they look like on and let me tell you ladies, this is perfect for any occasion and any season! You can even put these over a simple pair of flat sandals! So if you are like me and enjoy unique, sexy shoes but you like the idea of customizing your favorite pair then you must try these. You can go to their website and see the styles at bootglams.com.