Boot Glams


As Summer quickly approaches I see more and more unique, strappy, fun heels. So I have been in search for the perfect pair but I cannot wear these really tall, sky high heels I have been seeing in EVERY STORE! I found the perfect solution to look unique but still have the heel you want and that is BOOT GLAMS!

I found this product through my granddaughter actually and it is funny because she had the CEO of Boot Glams come speak to her fashion trends class about their product and when she came home and I told me I was amazed at this product. It works for any woman, any age. The concept is you basically take any heel or boot that you already own and you tie this adornment of feathers or jewels around the ankle and you have created and ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SHOE!!! Here are some pictures of what they look like on and let me tell you ladies, this is perfect for any occasion and any season! You can even put these over a simple pair of flat sandals! So if you are like me and enjoy unique, sexy shoes but you like the idea of customizing your favorite pair then you must try these. You can go to their website and see the styles at


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