6 Top Summer Sandal Trends

Just LOOK at these – and let me know what you think!

There’s nothing as electrifying as bright hues from head to toe. If you prefer just a pop of color, pair a vibrant shoe with neutrals.

Embrace the season’s tribal vibe with woven rope flats and bold ethnic prints. Slip on an earthy shift for effortless chic at weekend picnics or patio soirées.

Go for the gold—or the silver—with a metallic sandal. Just add sun-kissed skin and cool ivory shades to unleash your glam summer goddess.

Tall and naturally textured, these essentials add earthy elegance to everything—from jeans to high-powered suits. Ground an all-white outfit for a fresh, natural look.

Sky-high platforms with a sporty twist give preppy a posh edge. Reverse the effect and add playfulness to a prim-and-proper pleated skirt.

As versatile as your favorite blue jeans, denim-hued wedges do it all. Keep your cool with striped layers and a dark blazer, or be carefree in a boho maxi-dress.


Hot Summer Trends

The four summer trends that’ll keep you looking hot all season, and the perfect sunnies to match from Sunglass Hut!


Pin-Up Posse

This look is taking the world by storm once again and I absolutely love it. From the makeup to the clothing, the pinup girl look is so classic and will always be around for years to come. From Ann Margaret to Farrah Fawcett to Dita Von Teese, we have seen through the years that pinup will live forever.

If you want to try this style I suggest looking at some pictures of the hairstyles and for the makeup it is a simple cat eye with big lashes and bright red lips.

The look is simple to achieve but what really made these ladies special was the attitude that went with it. Confidence is key with this look so don’t forget to wear it well and strut your stuff. I have added some websites to show you how to achieve this pinup look and make it your own.



How To Have Perfect Beach Hair

I have women every day ask me how to get this Floridian style, sexy beach hair and it seems simple enough but when you attempt it, it can be a lot harder.

I have added a couple of suggestions you ladies should try to achieve this perfect hair.

Step 1: Leave in conditioner- wash and condition your hair and then put in a leave in conditioner.

Tip: use baby shampoo when you wash your hair to control humidity-induced frizz.

Step 2: Don’t forget the Anti-frizz spray- take this spray with you in your bag and use it every few hours or when you start to notice frizz.

Step 3: Wear a beach-y hairstyle- try a loose braid or slicked back style that will be beach friendly and easier to maintain.

Step 4: Bring a hat- you can pick your style for this one. Try a wide brimmed hat or even a baseball cap.

Step 5: Rinse your hair when you get out of the water- use freshwater to rinse when you get out of the water to protect the hair and keep from damaging color.

Step 6: Apply balm- use straightening balm when your hair starts to frizz.

Use these steps together or separately to get amazing beach hair. Pair it with the perfect bathing suit and you are set & sexy!

Look Your Sexiest at the Beach This Summer!

Hot Summer 2012 Swimwear Trends

So ladies we all know that bikini season is here. Just the thought of it makes women all over the world cringe! But fear not ladies, this season the fifties are back!


This season’s silhouettes are all about high waisted, figure flattering styles that will make any body look beach ready! This year styles are bandeau tops with a high waisted boy short, halter one pieces, sweetheart necklines, and lots and lots of ruffles.

So pick something bright and colorful and you will be ready to have fun in the sun! Take a look at some of these retro-inspired summer swimsuits to get an idea of what look best fits you.





Is Karl Lagerfield Spread Too Thin?

I have been really watching the latest news on what Karl Lagerfeld is doing with Chanel (being that he is the creative director) and wondering how he does it. He has really maintained the Chanel image but with all the extra projects he has going on it leads me to wonder how long this streak of genius will last. After all, all good things must come to an end right?

Look at all the things he is managing right now: he has his KARL by Karl Lagerfeld line, he has Chanel, he has Chloe, he has Fendi, and to top it all off he has his photography business. That is a lot of different stylized brands and ideals to maintain and many are worried that Karl will not be able to keep up with all of these at the same level as Chanel. If any of you have seen his KARL by Karl Lagerfeld line, you know exactly what I am talking about. First he wanted it to be in Macy’s and that just plummeted and then he changed it to just being sold through net-a-porter.

I think that Karl would rather sacrifice his image of his own brand than sacrifice Chanel, Chloe, or Fendi. He just has so much riding on his image of being a creative director and that is where most of his money and net worth comes from. So it will be interesting to see what exactly Karl decides but I predict less Karl Lagerfeld and more behind the scenes work.