Blowout Special – Final Days!!!

Alright girls – as may of you may know, I celebrated my birthday this month and this year she wants to give all of you an opportunity to get in on the celebration!

I’ve been getting bombarded with emails and calls asking WHEN I’m going to have another special on my wildly-popular HALF-HOUR PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS. If you’ll recall, we usually discount these consultations at the end of the year to give everyone a chance to book as many as they like for a STEAL of a price.

This year, I wanted to give you an EARLY OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of these Private Consultations at the lowest price they’ll be ALL YEAR:

JUST $99 for a 30-minute session with Sharon!

Let me repeat that: JUST $99 for a session that’s normally priced at $250!

Now, you COULD wait until we offer these Private Consultations on sale again in December, but prices are going UP, and over the holidays you’ll be paying $150 per session. Still a great discount, but not nearly as attractive as this month’s $99 SPECIAL!

I urge you to ACT NOW to lock in this STEAL of a deal and book as many sessions as you like. Talk with me about whatever you need assistance with: hair, makeup tips, clothing consultations, business or private situations – it doesn’t matter! Just BOOK YOUR SESSIONS TODAY for the hugely discounted price of $99 per session. In order to get this awesome deal you must purchase at least three (3) sessions.

This offer will expire September 30th at NOON Central Time, no exceptions.


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