The Color of 2013: EMERALD!

Colors and shades are hot this spring, summer and fall. If you want to know what colors to choose for which outfit, look to Pantone, which is the official ‘go to’ experts in colors. Emerald is hot! Yes, this somewhat green color is being endorsed by Pantone and it is ‘right on time’ for the upcoming seasons; reminding you of grassy lush meadows and warm afternoons.

Most designers get their inspiration on colors from a variety of different places such as green landscapes, forests, paintings, pistachio and the spring freshness outdoors.



Emerald is a prominent color that cannot be missed this spring. Green, on a whole, has a wide range of shades such as sour green, blue-green, dark green, light green, emerald and bright green.

Emerald is also a signature color. When it is combined with a great top or bottom, it can make you pop, look extraordinary and be the life of the party. An emerald top with distinct features can pull off a basic straight skirt, jeans, white shorts and a pair of black pants.

You must add emerald to your wardrobe this season. It is easy to match with a solid color or even a brighter color if you want to be bold. However, emerald does go well with white and black.

The color, emerald, can set the mood of how your day will go. It sets the tempo for the spring feeling. Go for simple pieces of apparel, though, that fall way from your body to give you that relaxed feeling that spring and summer embodies.

Emerald and your skin tone

You must be thinking, well, will it complement my skin tone? Yes, it will; no matter what your skin tone is. It is easy to wear, very flattering, in fact and adds a fashion statement to your wardrobe. I am such a big fan of seeing color on the runway and especially when it is added to different fashion collection for each season. Color can change your entire mood. It makes you feel good; look bright and can add a spark of happiness and confidence.

Like the women’s color palette, men are wearing color this spring to balance their own wardrobe and to complement their skin tones as well. Most are sticking to soothing colors like emerald and other neutral colors.

Summer and Emerald

Emerald symbolizes the introduction of green. It is the solution to putting together an outfit with khaki and white shorts in the spring and also in the summer time. It continues to be a powerful force in rings, bracelet and earrings as well as other accessories for the summer and spring. It is ideal for sportswear ensemble.

For the spring and summer, designers are addressing the self-expressive desire of their prospective consumers by inducting green into the fashion queue. Women are looking for ways to balance their wardrobe and re-energize their self-esteem. What better way to do it than to include emerald in the color palette?

It is undeniable that emerald will be here to stay for this season and for seasons to come. It will continue to be the unspoiled foreground and backdrop to so many pieces. It adds sophistication and intrigue with its hushed undertone, lively inspiration and radiant intent. Don’t be left out!



Black & White is Here for Spring AND Fall

You may be wondering if black and white will be boring for this season since these are just basic every day colors, but you are wrong if that is what you think! Black and white will always be around; no matter what the season. These are the two colors that go so well together for any outfit. However, to set your mind at ease, be reassured that if you are a black and white colored person like so many women, you may already have the pieces in your wardrobe that can pull off a fashion statement for the spring and fall.

Black and white never left the runway or the hearts of fashion designers. It has always been trendy. I mean, come on! Which woman doesn’t have a pair of black pants and a crispy white top in their closet? The hint is if you don’t, then you should! The great thing is that black and white looks excellent on anyone. You just have to make sure you stay away from the stuffy look, which means that you don’t want anyone to make the mistake of thinking you are an usher or hostess in a restaurant when you are not!


The solid twosome will be getting a lot of playing time for spring and fall. Since spring is so much closer, it is giving us promise of an inspired fashion forecast as we dream of ways to combine these two colors. We know that spring is filled with bright and bold colors. So why not add those accessories to your black and white ensemble to make your own fashion statement?

You have so many bold colors to play with this season to add spunk to your basic black and white:
• Navy blue
• Icy gray
• Shades of purple
• Orange
• Emerald

As many watched the runway models do their cat walk in black and white head-to-toe attire, it reveals the fashion trend for spring 2013. Although, it may seem commonplace, be reassured that this season will turn the black and white outfit into a high possibility for sophistication and also simplicity. You can put it together in such a way as to let it become an eye catching piece with distinctive fashion forwardness.

Its timelessness
Black and white combined is timeless and enduring; yet can be so chic. The best thing about it is that many pieces are affordable and you will have them in your closet for years to come. You should rock this trend and be a part of the fashion frenzy for this season because you don’t want to feel left out.

Keeping it simple
The simplest way to contemplate this trend is to utilize the black and white apparel staples that you previously own. If you are looking for a casual look, you can add a white t-shirt to a straight black skirt and blazer as well as dress it up a little with a black pump, drop earrings, a bracelet and ring. You can also consider a white and black color block outfit in leather, suede and other fabrics – floral, graphic print and abstract prints.

The Checkerboard look for Spring



For most women, putting together an outfit this spring will be definitely less of a stress and this is all due to the March Jacobs collection with all its cool and inspiring looks that make it OK to show up at an event wearing the same outfit as your best friend. You will also have the go ahead to wear two altogether different feet of shoes at the same time. Are you kidding, you may ask? Yes, fashion is what you make it and the checkerboard quirky look makes it appealing to try anything crazy this spring; especially if you cannot afford the designer looks right now!

About ninety three percent of Louis Vuitton’s fashion ensembles this spring are featuring contrasted checkers previously known as Damier and graphic prints. These are signature looks from Louis Vuitton that have stood the test of time. You may recognize the same look in their bags, suitcases and leather products that you may have lusted after in the airport duty free shops. Now you can emulate the same  look with your clothing. These prints are iconic and have gone through the fashion mill by designers who have blown them up, super-sized them and even sprinkled all types of pattern on the fabric.

You will find these little checkerboard numbers in:

  • Fitted Jackets
  • Shift Dresses
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Rompers
  • Crop Tops and other trendy outfits

The Louis Vuitton fashion show for spring 2013 has already passed, but who could overlook the big yellow and white checkerboard runway? Models graced the runway in almost identical ensembles and looked as if they were talented twins. This reminded you of a renaissance event that appealed to the bold and beautiful who aren’t afraid to try these and other additional prints.

Celebrities and checkerboard

Celebrities are gravitating towards the checkerboard apparel and the red carpet has seen many so far. It has been in various colors and styles of late. Kristen Stewart received the debut honor of wearing a Louis Vuitton checkerboard romper to a night affair in Tokyo after the same outfit was shown on a Paris runway. She loved the piece and secured it before anyone else could. She may have worn a sample that she received from the fashion show itself.

Kerry Washington, Kate Upton and Jessica Alba also wore the checkerboard on the red carpet and on magazine front covers. Kerry Washington wore her dress baggy and below the knees. She combined the look with pointed brown pumps and white accessory.

This trend may find itself being one of the most dominant in spring collections and editorial pieces. It is presented as a high impact, easy-to-recognize and wearable outfit. Be prepared to see a lot of checkerboard outfits over the next several months in even bolder colors.

Kirsten Dunst rocked the checkerboard dress made by Louis Vuitton at an event in Los Angeles. She wore fashionable accessories and a white clutch purse.

Jessica Alba wore her form fitting black and white checkerboard dress at the after party event of InStyle Golden Globe Awards. She completed the look with black clutch purse and black pumps.

You can pay tribute to this square and unique fashion trend by also implementing it in the accessories, shoes and sunglasses that you wear.

Get a New Hairstyle for 2013


Two times each year, as the new season of fashion begins, all women have the ideal excuse to revive their individual taste and sense of style. However, even though we spend time focusing on finding, considering and selecting various fashion fads and accessories, our hair doesn’t get that much attention at times, but it is our hairstyles that could make a fashion statement every day.

For women who want to change or update their hairdos with colors or cuts, we are going to walk through the actual 2013 trendy hairstyles that you can emulate, which will compliment your new 2013 wardrobe. Center parts are rocking the runway and will help you to make that bold statement. This is an easy and simple style for day or night wear. It can be done formally or casually.  But let’s talk about color first.

messy-braids-balmainColor can get you the attention you need

Platinum blond hair color is in for the 2013 summer. However, if you are not good with maintaining your hair, this might not be the right choice for you. If you opt to do so, however, this is the best statement that you can make with your hair. From the time that Ruby Jean Wilson changed to a blonde and the fashion industry cooperatively embraced it again, platinum blonde hair made its way into the 2013 Spring/Summer hair color movement.

marc-by-marc-jacobs-fall-2013-70s-curlsNo color?

If you are not comfortable with color, then make a fashion statement with side parts. This is an element that has been brought into this season; carried over from the fall 2012 season. The messed up hairdo has been a signature look for many celebrities. This is an indication that it could be worthwhile for you as well. It gives you a different look and the hairstyle requires less effort and can be glamorous too.

Bangs! Bangs! Bangs! These are never out of fashion. A nice fringe bang will inspire you this summer and spring. Fringe bangs give you many styling options. However, while this is an enticing choice, many people may think that a fringe bang requires a longer time commitment, which they don’t want to make. Faux bangs will give you instant edginess. So you can give this a try!

The lustrous side part is another must-have hairdo! You can wear your side part so many ways, but it is more suited to people who wear their hair long. It can be quite elegant and youthful, if done right. You can create a side part that is neatly textured from the hair roots.

If you opt for a twisted headband 60s retro look, it will work for any event or occasion; whether day or night. With the half tuck hairdo, you can lead spring hair trends with lots of ethereal selections. Using a headpiece adds flair to your hairstyle and can create both a formal and casual look.

Chignon and tendrils is an ideal choice for a quick hairdo that is easy and stylish. It can be purposely messy with tendrils falling around the face. It can also be soft enough to complement any fashion collection.

Side ponytails have already dominated 2013. It draws attention and provides beauty, femininity and youthfulness. Experiment with this ponytail by twisting it or dressing it up with hair accessories.

look-now-side-flip-cameron-diazOther options

Half braid your hair to give it variation. This is a modern and bold look of 2013; even though braids have been around for numerous past seasons. Not all women would be up to carrying off the haunted hairstyle, which is wet, ethereal and arcs across the eyebrows in somewhat of a wild and matted way. Sweep it back to where it suits you and you can rock this hairstyle anytime. Another example of a wet look is the half tuck hairstyle, which is also the best summer hairdo and is adaptable to both long and short hair.


No matter how you wear your hair for the 2013 spring and summer months, you must be comfortable about your choice. However, be encouraged that you do have many options and that puts you in a better position to make a bolder statement.

2013 Fashion Trends for the Office


Spring 2013 is showing aloofness for the corporate appearance for the office. It is bringing instead belted floral attire for the 9 to 5 statement. You should expect to add feminine, longer hemline and snapped shaped clothing to your wardrobe. These are appropriate for work and so is the belted floral that can be worn for a lot of other occasions.

Forget about the uncomfortable business shirts and choose either the high necked or plummeting and soft collarless tops for a sensory Mediterranean temperament. You can easily drop into a fashion rut at the office, but we have brought some inspiring ideas that will become wardrobe staples for you that you can share with your co-workers. It doesn’t matter if your office accommodates casual, formal or a creative look, you will find some great ideas here.

If the office culture is more relaxed or strict, you have to work with certain pieces and maintain the rules of the office, but there are general fashion rules that you should always adhere to. Here they are:

  1. Dress according to what your office decrees – this will place a good impression on your boss and show respect for your colleagues
  2. You should never reveal your midriff. Wear tops that are appropriate in length and avoid wearing low cut pants.
  3. Leave the cleavage for parties. The office is certainly not the ideal place for this.
  4. Do not show your bra straps. Be sure that your top is properly buttoned.
  5. No see-through clothing
  6. Check your hemline – not too short for the office. Save that look for evening outings and weekends.
  7. No flip flops allowed – keep it for the beach
  8. No sneakers – keep that for the gym unless your office allows it.
  9. Your best judgment should be maintained.
  10. Slinky styles, laced camisoles and strapless dresses are for evening wear
  11. Don’t do tight because work is certainly not the place for hugging your noticeable curves.
  12. Express your individual taste, but in a distinguished way.
  13. Tone down the makeup and the loud patterns and choose colors that are not as bold


What to wear at the office?

The customary two-piece attire is typical of office wear. If you don a well-tailored jacket with corresponding pants or a skirt, you will always be considered cool. Even if you depend on one as your daily solution to dressing for the office or you think of it as an occasional choice, a suit is a definite must. It has never been out of the fashion arena and there is a reason why.

Suit trends have changed from drastic sizes with large shoulders and slouched cuts, to lean and tailored lines. It can give you the self-assurance that you need in the office to do your job well. You will look polished and fearless. Everyone has a suit that flatters their physique, but if you choose the classic look, you won’t go wrong. Although, the pantsuit can be quite characteristic of elegance, you would be so astonished at how many different ways you can wear it. Here are some examples:

  • Wide legs
  • Slouched style
  • Modern look
  • Sleek outline
  • Retro fit
  • Pinstripes like the ones worn by many bankers
  • Checkered
  • Traditional tweed that reminds you of the English countryside


In the meantime, a simple suit can become that blank canvas to forming your own style. Choosing the look that makes you comfortable and is the most suitable for work is the important thing to consider. No matter which style of pantsuit you choose, you should ensure that this manly cut is balanced with a touch of femininity, which means you can add a ruffled top or a distinct waist. Never leave your sex appeal out of the mix.

A matching jacket with a skirt provides the ideal balance between a serious look and a feminine one. This also gives you many style options such as a boxy shaped tweed suit that carries the retro look. When you begin hunting for the right ensemble, you should first begin with the hemline of the skirt. Start from a pencil to a pleated hemline and then work from there. If you opt for a fuller looking skirt, then you should wear a fitted jacket. If you choose a peplum jacket, be sure you select a body-sensible skirt to complete the outfit. Wear skirts an inch above or over the knee.

elle-02-work-essentials-publicist-xln-lgnWearing the right dress

Professional dress is important for the office environment.  It gives you a sophisticated look. You don’t have to dress in a suit all the time; however. You can wear the appropriate dress that will give you just as much power as the suit. Dresses also tend to be more economical because it is just one outfit and you don’t have anything to be paired or matched. Consider wearing simple and comfortable shift dresses, well-designed shirt dresses and belted dresses. Stay away from tight dresses in knit material. Wear neutral and dark colors such as navy blue, beige, brown and black. Pick the dresses that fit your body type. If your personal taste is conservative, choose a cardigan or blazer to wear over a sleeveless dress.

The sky is the limit to what you can wear at the office. Your options should be chic, stylish and appropriate. You should keep the rules of the office by wearing clothes that you like, but refined enough to please your boss.



2013 Handbags are here!


With spring, fall and summer almost here, it is time to get serious about fashionable trends that are already underway. Fashion shows throughout the world are giving us more than just a peak into many inspirations that we can use to spruce up our wardrobes. While many are focusing on garments, others are looking for the ultimate accessories that can go with them including bracelets, earrings, shoes and necklaces, but most importantly handbags.

The question is which style is the most popular for 2013 when it comes to handbags? Well, the first handbag trend that is noticeable in 2013 is the return of the messenger bag. However, for 2013, these are returning much smaller and daintier. This particular bag is fun and resourceful enough to take with you to a dance, to the bar and to any other occasion where you just want to carry a few things such as your money, lipstick, driver’s license and credit card. This trend is new, but it definitely will catch up very quickly with the younger crowd and a few mothers who have to be on the go and need an everyday little bag to effortlessly take with her.

An excellent way to combine color with your outfit is to carry a color distinctive bag and in 2013, having a hint of color in your handbag is certainly mandatory. Additionally, for 2013, matching outfit, shoes and purse is a must. Add the Yves Saint Laurent clutch purse to your spring collection. It will help you to change over from a day look to a night look or from a summer look to a winter or fall look.

Document Clutch and more

The document clutch purse is an excellent handbag for 2013. It is oversized and is a great accessory to a simple outfit, but at the same time, it is suitable to hold all the treats that you want to take with you. This could include your cell phone, credit cards, make up and even personal documents. Make sure you get one of these to add to your handbag and purse collection. However, choose one that can transition from a clutch to a handbag with shoulder straps, which would be ideal for day time use.

A clutch purse with a boom box and Bluetooth! Whoever, heard of such a thing? Well, the designer Rebecca Minkoff has created this limited version for those who love fashion forwardness. This handbag has been carried by models on the runway and will be an endless classic for years to come.

While the normal fashionista might not have the ability to spend her hard earned cash to purchase one of these eccentric pieces, it is certainly an indication of the future with other peculiar and everyday clutches getting ready to become common all through 2013.

The Slouch Handbag

The slouch handbag is another trendy piece that you should take a closer look at. It is the ideal handbag to take with you on a causal outing. It is large and has a teardrop contour and is easy to naturally mix in with your outfit. On the runway, the slouch handbag was seen in various types of patterns and fabrics that matched sophisticated and classy ensembles. This is the perfection choice for a contemporary woman how has many items to put in her purse each day. It can also be worn as a shoulder bag or carried in your hand. It all depends on what you prefer.

The Bowling Handbag

The Bowling handbag has replaced the regular handbag and will prove to be just as popular in the years to come. During Fashion Week, many of these bowling bags were seen on the catwalk. Some were square in shape and some were stocky, but with a fashionable edge to make a distinct statement.

For women who want to buy one of these bags and add to her closet, a professional outfit is the best accessory. Combine this bag with a shrewdly tailored suit and tiny heels for the perfect office wear. On the other hand, you can give it a somewhat more casual look by dressing in skinny jeans with a spontaneous blazer or a basic skirt and sheer leggings.

The Baroque-motivated handbag is another 2013 trend to look out for. It exudes femininity and gives your outfit a vintage appearance. One example is the Dolce and Gabana Needlepoint handbag. It comes in black and white colors and can be purchased at Nordstrom.


For 2013, there is also a color trend for handbags. Black is a great option because it is sure to always be in style and so is navy blue and nudes, but bolder prints could be seen on the catwalk during Fashion Week. To jazz up your outfit, you can choose black with extra embellishments and decorations. Do what makes you comfortable, but bold makes your outfit pop.

Whatever handbag style you select for 2013, be reminded that it needs to match what you have in your wardrobe. So before you go out and buy that amazing handbag, search your wardrobe to see what shoes or clothes will complement your handbag.

Cut outs are IN for Spring 2013!


Put your fashion foot forward by showing a little skin! Fashion is waving hello to all types of cut outs! With cut outs, you will find areas of skin showing at the waist, chest, back, shoulders, hips and every other body part. It is evident that cut outs will have their sex appeal come this spring 2013. Yes, cutouts for the spring are the new trend. Carven has a classic fashion collection specifically made with small cutouts. Versace has been inducted into the famous cut out trend; bringing vibrant colors and soft materials. Exotic is the name of the game with the Prabal Gurund cut out fashion collection.


There are so many fashion designers taking heed to the fashionable cut outs on the runway this spring 2013. The pieces are beautiful, chic, stylish and engaging; so much so that retailers are filling up the stores with them because they are such a hot commodity!

You will find them in textured and hip looks. Alexander Wang is one of the most infamous fashion designers and he, too, has graced the runway with cut out pieces that are layered and laser cut. During the 2013 spring and summer fashion Week in New York City, the runway looked the part with new favorite pieces and older repetitive pieces, but cut outs were definitely among the most liked and shown pieces.

During the same fashion week, Alexander Wang showcased his work to reveal once again how creative and inventive he always is by literally cutting his garments apart and reattaching them using fish-line embroidery in such a way that they appeared to be floating on the catwalk. He used the deconstruction idea to create his glow in the dark fashion collection. He even went as far as to dismember shoes to create a cut out look.


Laser cut version

Fashion designers this spring are favoring laser cut garments:

  • Laser cut skirts and dresses
  • Laser cut sweatshirts

The cut out fashion movement has been prevalent for the past several seasons, but especially in evening wear, but the trend has received a revamping for this 2013 spring season.

The difference for this season is that cut outs are getting:

  • Bolder
  • More Colorful
  • Bolder
  • More Intricate
  • More Revealing
  • Risk Taking
  • Dramatic

Fashion designers are staying away from the basic norm of cutting out the chest and the waist. They are getting very experimental by opting for laser cutting methods that have allowed them to be more detailed in their cut. For example, Just Cavalli has created a cut out sweater using wool instead of basic cotton. This creates a more see-through look, but yet functional enough to change your mood this spring. Cut outs are going to be also created using clear fabric for a specific and distinctive design.

You should anticipate cut out fashion this spring in a variety of ways apart from bigger and bolder. No matter what type of cut outs you choose, however, this spring 2013 you will make a fashion statement.