Feeling confident about your womanhood

The female species is dynamic, strong, powerful, sensitive, intuitive, thoughtful, resourceful, creative and attractive all at the same time. What other species carries these wholesome attributes and still can remain feminine? When a woman can succeed in combining all of these amazing attributes and bring them into her personality and life, it makes her feel alive, vested, confident and positive. She is now confident of her womanhood. Without these qualities, low self-esteem can step in.

If you asked the typical male species what he thinks is attractive in a woman and what he looks for in a potential partner, he might say that he is looking for a woman who is attractive, easy going, caring and confident. And if all of this could be put into two words, he would probably choose ‘femininity and confidence.’ Most men are drawn to confident and attractive women.

high-esteem-womanHow do you have confidence?

A woman should first be in love with her body; meaning her body type, fashion choices, hair and style of hair. Remember, that you are not responsible for certain aspects of your body; those that are genetically specific to you. So if you were born with thick lips and big eyes, you should use it to your advantage by choosing lipsticks and eye shadows that complement those features. If you have a wide hip, soft skin and thick eyebrows, you would wear clothing to complement your hips and shape your eye brows every two weeks. Use your best skin care product to improve and maintain the quality of your skin.

You are already created the way you look. There are many ways that you can change things that you don’t like about your physical features. Facial plastic surgery and breast enhancement surgery are two ways that women choose to make themselves look better to increase their confidence. While I am not entirely suggesting that you resort to these methods, I want you to know that you have options. However, with that being said, in the meantime you can work with what you have and work on the things that make you unhappy. Muscle toning and cardio exercises are two ways to start.

If you are a woman reading this, have you ever put on an outfit, created a new hairdo, bought some new shoes and decided to dress up for a date or outing to stand in front of the mirror and think: “Wow! Is that really me?” Doesn’t it make you feel confident? Although, many may think that a dress, shoes or hairstyle is superficial, to a woman, it really isn’t. This is what she uses to make herself feel confident on the outside; especially if she gets a lot of compliments on her appearance.

Look at Jennifer Lopez – she is a woman of irrefutable outer beauty. Her entertainment career calls for a certain image. In the past, her body language and Spanish accent didn’t make her look or express herself like the Queen of England. However, she took steps to change that. Jennifer Lopez is only one instance that could serve as a motivation to other women who need help in boosting their femininity.

Mentally speaking

On the other hand, YOU are not just your physical image, but you have a spiritual and emotional side as well. In fact, women are more emotionally than men. A woman clearly uses her mind a lot and that is why she is the MOTHER of children due to her nurturing and thoughtful ways. To be and feel confident, a woman should nurture herself mentally.

She should believe in who she was created to be and tap into her spirituality to bring out a better person on the outside. This is quite possible since most women don’t mind going to therapy to work out past issues. Confidence also comes from maintaining composure despite things happening in the environment around you. This is the difficult part for a woman because of the emotional connection with her world, but it can be done if she has a good support system.

Boosting confidence

Here are some things to boost your mental confidence:

  • Think positively
  • Hang around positive people
  • Get rid of negative influences
  • Educate yourself
  • Read more books about self-development and stories that will empower you
  • Live a balanced life; not overdoing anything
  • Stay in your role and if you need help from others, choose who and ask for the help
  • Feel worthwhile. You are here for a reason
  • Create silence in your world and meditate
  • Eat a balanced diet and exercise, which is a great reliever of stress
  • Live a stress free life; slow down and have fun!

It is essential to hold on to your power as a woman by learning to believe in yourself. Create and improve a mental, emotional and physical balance to build harmony in your life and confidence with your womanhood.


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