How to dress sexy and not look like a cougar!

Are you at that age when you think that it doesn’t matter what you wear or how anyone else thinks you look? Well, if your answer is yes, let me know for certain what age that is because I and many other women are not there yet.

It doesn’t matter your age- you can still look good, classy, sexy and flattering all at the same time. You may already be a cougar or approaching one, but you can still dress in a sexy outfit once in a while or when it is appropriate. You don’t want anyone to think that you look like a cougar, which in simple fashion terms means ‘too old and unfashionable.”

You should be conscious of how you dress so you don’t seem that way. You should dress feminine and alluring without appearing as if you are on the prowl looking for a possible partner. But what if you are? Nothing is wrong with that either.

1486910530_4345833cb8How did the term cougar originate?

Many people have the misconception that a cougar is an older woman who hunts for a younger man. Many cougars are married, so that is besides the truth. Some think it is kind of cool and hip to be a sexy cougar and I agree. The cougar is considered a confident woman who is also vibrant and goes for what she wants. When Demi Moore, for example married Ashton Kocher, many women her age felt liberated as she flaunted her sex appeal and nicely shaped body to give them some hope of having the same forward thinking.

Some people still think that a cougar is someone who is desperately holding on to her youthful appearance, but that is a myth that can be broken – only by you. No one should determine how you live your life – no one. You should be the captain of your own ship. If you are a cougar over the age of forty, your fashion statement should be about feeling good about yourself. Everything else will follow suit. So if a man appreciates how you take care of yourself and he happens to be young, why not go for it? Who says you can’t? Society should not dictate your happiness. You should!

The way that the public conceives the term cougar, has made it difficult for women who honestly just want to maintain their confidence while aging.

Dressing your best

You can dress your best at age 40 and over without caring about the public profile of cougar. Here is how you can do it:

  • Stay away from anything that fits too tight such as skinny jeans and a cropped top. If you are going to wear a skinny bottom, match it with a loose top or skinny top and loose bottom. Some fashion experts wouldn’t encourage all over tight fit.
  • If you choose to wear an off-the-shoulder top or dress, make sure that it fits lose. Avoid the tight stretch tops. You can opt for a slouched sweater or dress.
  • Choose sexy fabrics such as lace, satin or velvet. Avoid wearing these with wet look tights or leggings.
  • Avoid the strapless mini dress. However, you can choose a strapless gown, which will make you look chic and classy.
  • You can wear animal prints, but choose a typical silhouette, such as a leopard trench coat, but stay away from the fitted leopard knit dress.
  • Don’t show too much cleavage, but make it subtle.
  • Stay away from corsets that others wear as a top.
  • Don’t think about the 5 inch high heels.
  • Avoid micro-minis.
  • Dress up your outfit with accessories: scarves, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets to match. It does wonders for an outfit.
  • If you are losing your hair or getting gray, you have the option to wear a snappy wig. In fact, you can create your own wig collection for different seasons and occasions. The way that they are making wigs and hair extensions these days, you cannot often tell that they are wigs. You can get away with it easily. Many of the younger celebrities wear hair extensions. So don’t be afraid to try something new!


Readapt your eye for fashion and choose what seems sexy over the age of forty. Go for a more natural look and don’t emulate the older women who do plastic surgery to look younger. You can still maintain your natural appearance and be stylish at the same time. Susan Sarandon and Lauren Hutton are two prime examples. They are aging actresses, but have stayed current and yet elegant.


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