“Spring Forward” Fashion for Spring & Summer 2013 – Part 1

With retail sales at their highest and winter apparel being removed from the racks, the busy stores are clearing the way for the impending spring collection. The models are gracing the catwalks with some incredible stuff that need a second look. In fact, fashion designers have outdone themselves this time. The good thing is that you get to have a sneak preview of what is to come in the months ahead. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

For spring 2013, you will find simple shapes, but for fabrics and prints, you are going to see bolder! You will find a characteristic 1960’s signature in many dressing rooms during the March and April months.

Checkered patterns are going to be a throwback to years gone by, but this time, it will be bigger and better. Look for these in varied shapes, colors, sizes and shades. You will find monochrome checkered fabric in stores and on the runway more than you ever saw them before. The good thing is that these are amazing for every imaginable budget. On top of that, the material is easy to wear and appropriate for both the workplace and the club. You will definitely want to get one or two of these to add to your wardrobe. If the checkered patterns are a bit much for you, then you can still accomplish a similar look with checkered accessories.


Low pointed heels have been popular in the 1960s and 1990s and guess what? They have reappeared and already seen on the runway. Many of us have a love/hate feeling and pet peeve about wearing uncomfortable high heels. So these lower heels will definitely be forgiving to our feet and in addition, they are incredibly stylish and fashionable. If you match them with a pencil skirt for the office or put them on with some Bermuda shorts, you will, no doubt, be embracing the spring season.

You can get an immediate sharp appearance with a crisp white button down shirt. This is the ideal solution to the days when you want to look clever, shrewd and fashionable, but sexy at the same time. You can also wear these pointed heels with jeans and a blazer or couple it with a peplum skirt. You will make a statement by having a structured look with an unstructured piece.

– watch for Part 2 tomorrow!



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