“Spring Forward” Fashion for Spring & Summer 2013 – Part 2

Continuing where we left off yesterday, here are more trends for Spring/Summer 2013:

White and White

Also popular for the spring is a white top with a white bottom. You can mix and match with lace and sheer fabrics as well as textures. For a more contemporary look, choose apparel with a little sparkle and shimmer. For example trousers with some sheen or dresses with the same representation are super trendy and will mirror the spring sunlight; creating an amazing success with the male species and women alike.

Floral apparel and more

Remember your floral – always a game changer in the spring time. You can depend on floral this spring and summer – in every kind of outfit imaginable. It sticks and makes you look younger and playful. From flower shapes to bright floral, you will look amazing!

Colors are in for the season; especially aqua and any other ocean-themed colors. You could see it in different color variations on the runway – exquisite gowns, shimmering metallic and taffeta.

Skirts are going to be huge this season; from peplums, pencil, tiers to crinolines. They all appeared on the catwalk. Designer clutch purses have made a comeback too. Most of the runway models donned the hand candy instead of the old arm candy (clutch purse). You can find these in bold prints such as polka dot. Some are shaped in peculiar designs like sunglasses. You don’t have to be a model to carry one because they are affordable.

More Trends

Another color that New York Fashion Week models sported on the runway was neon. Yes, neon; don’t think about neon lights, but neon apparel. They will come in both business attire and youthful styles. Pastels did not go unnoticed either. You could see them in a number of strong outfits as well as swimsuits.

One distinct trend that you couldn’t miss was the peplum fashion statement made on the runways for casual daywear, couture gowns and office wear. Women love peplum because it hides all the physical imperfections. This is likely to be one of the most repetitive and copied style for this year and next year too!  Don’t forget leather! You will see it in tops, shorts and skirts this summer.


Be sure that you include floral in your wardrobe this year – all of the runway fashion designers have included floral in their 2013 fashion collection. This is a sign that floral will be around for a while. Follow all of these trends for the upcoming season and you can’t go wrong!



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