How to Wear Costume Earrings Over 40


As we get more mature, women especially who have been wearing earrings over the years will find that their earlobes will have lost their collagen and as a result may be a little flappy. After years, earrings do take a toll on your ears. For some women, the holes pierced in our ears are so stretched out that it may make your appearance like a cocker spaniel! Don’t get me wrong, it is the truth and I am not making fun of anyone!

I have had the opportunity to meet women who have had a plastic surgeon sewn up their earlobes because of it. However, for most of them, it just didn’t do any good. The most recent trend seems to be inserting collagen in their earlobes.

One of the huge mistakes that all women make is that they do not want to talk about things pertaining to this type of fashion.  This brings me to talking about the other option for damaged earlobes when a woman wants to wear costume earrings – clip on earrings!!

Clip earrings

Most women think that clip on earrings are something that their grandmothers would wear. You may think about pearls, a mink coat, and red lipstick and clip on earrings – all in the same sentence. However, believe it or not – if you found yourself in a boutique in Paris, it would be difficult to find anything else but an elegant and stylish clip on earring as your only choice. Why is that so? Well, the French people have made the investment of looking great at any age. The think that chic and fashionable should not only enjoyed by young people. French females do not give up on themselves just because they have gotten mature. Instead, they find any way to look and stay magnificent and amazing by choosing fashion that works for them.

Why clip earrings?

  • They fit the ear better
  • They look flattering
  • They will hide torn earlobes

What you should do?

Select the correct clip: either the small or wide metal bar or flap will work. The smaller ones, however, are harder to adjust and don’t have cushioned pads to protect your ears, so it would be wisest to choose the wide metal flaps instead because you can always add a pad to them and they also provide full earlobe coverage.

Consider what size and shape your earlobe is when purchasing clip on earrings. If your earlobes are small, then you may have to opt for the smaller clip; even if it is a drop earring. If you have an average sized earlobe, then you can work with any size clip on earring.

You should always try on your clip on earrings the same way you try on a pair of shoes. If you don’t find it comfortable, don’t buy it. However, you will have the option to adjust the ones that don’t fit comfortably.

Before going to bed, remove the earrings. Don’t yank them off. Remove them slowly. Open the back of your clip on earring before removing.


Shopping for earrings is one of the most fun things to do; especially with your girlfriend. You can ask each other how it looks on you and laugh about all the silly ones you may see in the store. So do shop in confidence!


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