Cut outs are IN for Spring 2013!


Put your fashion foot forward by showing a little skin! Fashion is waving hello to all types of cut outs! With cut outs, you will find areas of skin showing at the waist, chest, back, shoulders, hips and every other body part. It is evident that cut outs will have their sex appeal come this spring 2013. Yes, cutouts for the spring are the new trend. Carven has a classic fashion collection specifically made with small cutouts. Versace has been inducted into the famous cut out trend; bringing vibrant colors and soft materials. Exotic is the name of the game with the Prabal Gurund cut out fashion collection.


There are so many fashion designers taking heed to the fashionable cut outs on the runway this spring 2013. The pieces are beautiful, chic, stylish and engaging; so much so that retailers are filling up the stores with them because they are such a hot commodity!

You will find them in textured and hip looks. Alexander Wang is one of the most infamous fashion designers and he, too, has graced the runway with cut out pieces that are layered and laser cut. During the 2013 spring and summer fashion Week in New York City, the runway looked the part with new favorite pieces and older repetitive pieces, but cut outs were definitely among the most liked and shown pieces.

During the same fashion week, Alexander Wang showcased his work to reveal once again how creative and inventive he always is by literally cutting his garments apart and reattaching them using fish-line embroidery in such a way that they appeared to be floating on the catwalk. He used the deconstruction idea to create his glow in the dark fashion collection. He even went as far as to dismember shoes to create a cut out look.


Laser cut version

Fashion designers this spring are favoring laser cut garments:

  • Laser cut skirts and dresses
  • Laser cut sweatshirts

The cut out fashion movement has been prevalent for the past several seasons, but especially in evening wear, but the trend has received a revamping for this 2013 spring season.

The difference for this season is that cut outs are getting:

  • Bolder
  • More Colorful
  • Bolder
  • More Intricate
  • More Revealing
  • Risk Taking
  • Dramatic

Fashion designers are staying away from the basic norm of cutting out the chest and the waist. They are getting very experimental by opting for laser cutting methods that have allowed them to be more detailed in their cut. For example, Just Cavalli has created a cut out sweater using wool instead of basic cotton. This creates a more see-through look, but yet functional enough to change your mood this spring. Cut outs are going to be also created using clear fabric for a specific and distinctive design.

You should anticipate cut out fashion this spring in a variety of ways apart from bigger and bolder. No matter what type of cut outs you choose, however, this spring 2013 you will make a fashion statement.


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