How to Shop for Denim in 2013

Every season brings new fashion trends. Women look forward to this all the time. If you don’t, then you better get on board or you will be left behind. Fashion helps to breathe life into your wardrobe. Looking at fashion shows around the globe, you see infamous designer brands for the fast approaching spring and summer seasonal trends. It has proven to be a fierce variety of spectacular pieces and fascinating ideas meant for any chic fashionista’s closet.


The fashion trends for this new season will include varying pieces such as:

• Former and future romantic pieces
• Sports
• Safari
• Feminine
• Sexy
• Elegant
• Bright and colorful
• Sharp and business like

There will be something for everyone to fit their personal taste and style. So let’s take peek at the most modern trends for the future! Denim is one of the favored pieces for spring and summer 2013. The most trendy denim piece is the somewhat baggy jeans. Denim has made its way into many designers’ collection for this season; namely Rebecca Taylor and Dsquared2. The denim jacket is in a looser and trench coat version this season.
Fitted jeans are one piece of clothing that is worn by most people. In fact, you should find it in every woman’s wardrobe. For one, it is a comfortable fit and easy to put on. There is barely any woman that doesn’t love a nice pair of fitted jeans. Furthermore, denim is always trendy; no matter what season is in. Denim always returns each season with minor changes and some modernizing.

Choosing the right fitted jeans
It is sometimes difficult to find the exact fitted jeans. You have to know how to choose the right color, cut and style. The fashion rule is to choose darker colors if you want the slimming effect. If you choose brighter colored denim, it adds more volume to your figure. Every woman should have a pair of classic blue and black jeans in her collection. You can combine any of these with a variety of colored tops. With one or two pairs of these jeans, you have more options of creating a new, modern and fresh look when you add brightly colored tops.
Become street smart when it comes to your weekend attire with its suggestive and stimulating rehashing of blazers and denim skirts.

Chambray is a spin-off when it comes to denim. This fabric has seen a real rebirth from its glory days when it used to be rocked as work attire in the early 1900s. Many designers such as Chris Peters have provided an updated style in the form of wide legged pants. Because of this, denim jeans won’t be the same ever again! The same designer has created a patchwork of different denim shades including chambray, which symbolizes a grungy and cool look to those who wear them.
Chambray dresses are also trendy and come in a combination of pockets, textures and straps. Chambray vests can be worn over a white top with black miniskirt. This will make a fashion statement this spring.


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