Vampire Facelift: The Pros and Cons

Did you see Kim Kardashian’s vampire facelift? It looked horrendous and frightening as she cried out with obvious discomfort. In the end, she indicated that it was all worth it. Would you go through anything like this if you knew more about the procedure? Why do they call it vampire face lift anyway? I guess, it probably is because of all the blood involved. This type of facelift is a bit misleading because it uses facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm does.

The main goal is to smooth out wrinkles and lines on the face. The cosmetic surgeon will draw blood from the patient and use a quick procedure (spinning the blood in a centrifuge) to thin it out; removing the platelets and performing reinjection of the platelets and fibrin into the patient’s face.

The result is a thicker collagen that fills out the face; expunging wrinkles and reducing thinness. Many cosmetic surgeons believe that human plasma injections stimulate new growth of the cells to develop a more youthful appearance, virtually in no time!


Experts will tell you that the vampire facelift is a very safe technique. It is not life threatening. Upon completing the preparation process, the surgeon will get rid of the red blood cells and inject the remaining yellow serum along with the platelets. New blood vessels will be created, which is good for the skin.

Over a period of time after the injection, volume and glow will be added to the patient’s facial features. It may take as much as eight weeks to visibly see results. You will have healthier skin and eliminate much of your facial blemishes. Sephyl is your own tissue, so the procedure removes any allergic reaction that you may have previously had with other cosmetic procedures.


There are a wide range of methods that you can use to improve your facial features. In fact, there are many beauty products on the market that have already been proven to work. So if something is already working for you, why try something different?

Even though, surgical facelifts have their place, such processes are not essentially a remedy or solution to the trepidations of an aged face. Cosmetic surgery, when necessary can get rid of excess skin and create a whole younger YOU. Nevertheless, a surgical facelift can be a contributory factor to a face flop as the skin expands snugly against the bone, making the individual appear skeletonized.

Although experts believe that these fillers shouldn’t be used around the eye area, many are still doing so – pushing the gun! The injections can also cause the person to look like he or she is from a different planet. Moreover, it does not improve the skin tone or the texture of the skin.


The Vampire facelift should be a personal decision; depending on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to rejuvenate your facial features and look young again, there is a price to pay. The procedure when done can be painful, but you may get the look you want afterwards.


Menopause Belly Fat: What Do I Do?

Most women will come to an agreement that the menopausal period is intimidating, challenging, frustrating and intriguing. Most importantly, the change that women go through during this period is alarming because of the weight gain and other symptoms that take place.

During menopause, there is a distinctive reduction in estrogen and an advanced rise in testosterone.  This heightened testosterone level results in an escalation of visceral fat, which most know as belly fat. Menopausal related belly fat is something that cannot be naturally prevented. However, if you eat a nutritious diet and include daily exercises as well try to reduce your stress, you can slow down the progress of belly fat, which can result in diabetes and heart disease.

It is noteworthy that women try to make changes to their lifestyle before menopause takes place. This is the time when estrogen works in her favor and protects her from heart disease. Women tend to collect plaque during menopause.

The cause of weight gain

There has been no recent and concrete scientific indication that menopause is the ultimate culprit for a widened waistline. However, there has been a sign that menopause might be related to body composition changes and fat dispersal. A few studies done show that menopause is linked to an increase in abdominal fat; in addition to reduction of lean body mass; no matter what the age.


While judgment is undecided whether or not menopause is to be blamed for belly fat, other things are responsible such as lifestyle choices and aging. As you get older, your lean body mass decreases and you burn less calories due to inactivity.

When you don’t get sufficient sleep because of night sweats and stress, it can result in fluctuations of serum leptin and ghrelin levels; therefore causing an appetite increase. A Nurse’s Health study was done using 68,000 and the study discovered that women who got five hours of sleep or less added approximately two and half pounds to their weight. In the same study, women who slept for six hours added 1.6 pounds to their weight.

Sixty one percent of peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women have reported insomnia problems. If you have night sweats while sleeping, you should consult your primary physician for a way to manage this. The ideal number of hours varies from one individual to the next, but up to 8 hours of sleep is a good rule to follow.

The good news

During the mid-life period of your life, you can manage belly fat. Al you have to do is to make some lifestyle changes to put you in a healthy BMI group, which ideally would be about 18.5 to 24.9. Be sure to include lean proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic carbohydrates in your diet. Combine good diet with exercise; at least three days each week and thirty minutes on each occasion.

Other things to consider

There are other things to think about when it comes to getting rid of menopausal belly fat. These include:

  • Making sure that you limit your consumption of saturated fat, cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Eating smaller portions of food
  • Avoid over-consuming sugary beverages and too much caffeine
  • Moderately consume alcohol (red wine provides health benefits)
  • Lower your salt intake and try to stay away from processed foods
  • Reduce or stop the smoking habit
  • When you eat out, don’t eat all of the food. Take some home and use for lunch the next day

You have to stay committed and put out extra effort to achieve the results that you seek. While these strategies may work with less effort for other women, menopausal women have to try harder. Once you put the work in, you will be able to maintain healthy weight and cope with annoying belly fat.

Don’t expect to look like a twenty one year old. This may disappoint you! Aging causes you to lose your skin tone and lose muscle mass. However, consider that you are not alone in this. Set practical goals and keep focused on your health to be happy about that body of yours!

How to Choose Perfect (and Appropriate) Cruise Wear


It is apparent that when you are approaching the age before and after retirement, one of your aspirations is to go on various cruises. However, what do you wear for your cruise wear is the question that needs to be answered for many? Of course, for every woman who wants to enjoy her later years, a cruise is essential to relieving the stress, having fun and meeting new people.

Preparing for the cruise means that you have to do your research. Included in your research should be different ports where you will stop; the weather that you will encounter and how long you will be allowed on land. You also want to know what kind of entertainment the ship provides for its guests.

cruisewearQuite likely, most ships will have a band with live entertainment on specific nights. Most ships have an indoor and outdoor pool where you can lounge at the poolside all day if you want to. There are casinos on many ships if you love to play the slot machines. Of course, you cannot avoid eating various meals in the restaurants. Most ships will also have guests congregate to play games and offer prizes.

With all of this being said, you will need semi-formal attire for the casinos or you can choose comfort in flats, capri pants and trendy top. A nice top and pair of pants or skirt will also do for such occasion. For the pool side, you will need a nice, sexy bikini, if you choose to be bold or a one piece bathing suit, if you want to be less conspicuous. A tankini and bottom is also another option, if you don’t want to wear the bikini or one piece bathing suit. This is more conservative than the bikini. For the live entertainment night, you can dress up more formally with a stunning dress or pant suit.

When going off the ship, think about comfort. You want to have one or two shorts set; baggy shorts and loose top because you will be doing a lot of walking and may get hot. You can also wear a long maxi dress; loosely fitted as well and a pair of slipper. For bedtime, you can wear nice lingerie or pajamas will do.

There is not much to shopping for cruise wear since the most obvious have already been mentioned. You don’t have to pack a punch when traveling on a cruise ship, but be sure to have no less than two bathing suits and two sets of clothing for the different events; especially if you are the kind of person who is indecisive about what to wear.

Exercise That Actually Works!

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of healthy living and everyone should make it a part of their daily existence. There is no excuse for not exercising. In fact, you can even do simple exercises while sitting or while working around the house. In this article, I will discuss three popular exercises that will not only make you healthy, but improve your posture and create awareness of your body.


The first is Pilates. If you are a runner, mother, golf or tennis player, you may have heard of this type of exercise and the benefits it provides. There are many people of varying fitness level who may have tried Pilates to improve their flexibility, posture, core strength, and range of motion. Making Pilates a part of your consistent regimen will result in more focused breathing and deep concentration.

You will become more aware of the way that your body is working. It teaches you how to stand tall. In fact, you will automatically want to pull your abs in and stand taller while brushing your teeth or doing some other chore. Pilates trains you mentally and physically. It helps you to build coordination and body symmetry.

The most significant benefit of Pilates is personal awareness of how you sit, stand, move and the effect of the bad habits you may have developed. For example, it can help you to become aware of that lingering pinch in your neck from sitting at the computer the entire day with hunched shoulders and a telephone held between your ear and shoulder.



Secondly, there is yoga. There are various styles of yoga that requires more energy than others like Ashtanga and Power yoga. Any of these two yoga styles improves your muscle tone. Lyengar and Hatha yoga use less of your energy, but they still offer the benefits of strength and endurance. These exercises use less movement and more defined poses for proper alignment.

The poses in yoga that build upper body strength include:

  • Upward dog
  • Downward dog
  • Plank

As you age, upper body strength is very crucial. The standing poses, particularly if you hold them for more than a few extended breaths, build hamstring strength as well as strength in your quadriceps and abdomen. The chair pose will build strength in your lower back. Yoga improves your posture in every sense of the word. It also benefits your breathing. In yoga, you are instructed to do deep breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity. This type of breathing relaxes you and reduces stress.


Last, but not least is the Zumba exercise, which uses a variety of music and dance choices such as reggae and meringue.  The dances are fun, energetic and exhilarating. They incorporate interval training with deliberate and quick moves for shaping and toning the whole body. With Zumba, you target specific areas of the body such as the:

  • Abs
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Butt

Some of the dance moves are so fast that it creates a cardio program that increases your heart rate and your metabolism. The music guides you to do hip swaying, toe tapping and arm swinging movements. Most dance routines will last for an hour, but you can go at your own pace. Zumba is like having a party while you lose weight, create optimal health and feel good; all at the same time.

Using the Right Hair Care Products


Are you tired of stocking so many styling gels, curling irons, mousse and supplementary hair care products? Are you spending too much money on finding the right products that work for you? Well, if you are like most other frustrated women who are going through this too, we have some basic tools and products that all women should always have.

Brush: every woman should have the right brush; one that is of the highest quality. A good brush equates healthier hair. Look for one that has a rubber base and boar head bristles. Why? It does less damage to the hair. Look to spend about $11.

Shampoo: the correct shampoo is essential since women have a variety of hair type. Read the ingredients on the bottle. If you have long hair, you may have to shampoo your hair twice. All you are doing is trying to remove the dirt and oil from your hair, but also adding moisture. So choose a shampoo that does both; even if you are going to use a moisturizer separately.

Conditioner: conditioning your hair is very important to having healthy hair. You can opt for a leave-in conditioner or one that you have to rinse out.  Conditioners help to repair the hair from damaging chemicals and heat. Choose one that has moisturizing ingredients that leave the hair free of tangles. Work from the end of the hair to the roots. Comb through to make sure that there are no tangles.

Set of perfumery

Wide-toothed comb: Always avoid using a brush to comb through your wet shampooed hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb. You can buy one that ranges from a dollar to ten bucks.

Serum to improve sheen: Don’t count out shine serums because they do work. If your hair texture is fine, you should use only a small portion and a little spritz. However, if you have thick hair, use the serum to smooth out your hair and add sheen to it. You can end up spending as low as five bucks and as high as thirty dollars for a good shine serum.

Dry Shampoo: When you are in between shampoos, a dry shampoo can help to absorb the oil in your hair. If you are low on cash, talcum powder is a good alternative, but don’t use too much because you don’t want to have powder in your hair while going to work.

Blow dryer: this is a must-have product. Get one that is strong and powerful; to get the job done quickly; especially if you have thick or long hair. Get one that you can also put in your travel bag. For thicker hair, go for one that has approximately 1,875 watts. For finer hair, buy one that has 1,500 watts.

Curling iron: for women with straight hair, a curling iron is a best friend to keep handy. I wouldn’t recommend over using it since too much heat can damage the hair. Use only when it is really necessary.

Mousse: this is excellent for people who have fine hair. It adds volume to the hair. If your hair is coarse, however, you should opt for a straightening balm to eliminate frizzing.


Using the right hair care products is essential to maintaining beautiful hair that will turn heads. You also want to have healthy hair that will make you more confident so be wise in the products that you choose to put in your hair.

Beauty tips for Bedtime


Ladies – you should always follow the proper beauty routine at bedtime. Why? It helps to maintain your beauty and youthful appearance for years to come. It makes you feel good, look good and gives you the confidence you need. Your life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes, you may be too busy to even think about pampering yourselves, but believe me, it is necessary; not only for beauty’s sake, but for your overall health, hygiene and self-esteem. You will feel more attractive and innately feminine.

The benefits

The benefits outweigh the time you have to devote to this little ritual each day and night. The best products will get the best results. Remember, that exposure to the sun, sweat and other air pollutants during the day time can damage your skin. At night, your skin will be able to absorb the application of excellent skin products without interference from the outdoor influences. The pores in your skin need the essential beauty crèmes and moisturizers to be rejuvenated and repaired.

In addition, those products that will make your skin look oily and sticky during the day time can be applied on your skin at night. There are more benefits than disadvantages in enhancing and improving your skin before bedtime as long as you use hypoallergenic and natural products. It is recommended that you use FDA approved products.

Here are some really good tips to follow:

  • Never, never, never go to bed with makeup on
  • To get that youthful and fresh appearance, use skin moisturize before you retire for the night
  • Use a sweet-scented lotion to soothe you mentally before bedtime
  • Use a wide toothed comb on your hair to increase blood circulation on your scalp

The wisdom in taking off your makeup

Makeup might not take long to apply during the mornings, but after you have had a long day at the office and come home tired, it might seem like quite a task to get that lipstick, cream, powder, foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow off before crawling into bed exhausted. Forget the excuses. It will be worth it!

The reasons:

  • Leaving makeup on overnight will result in skin breakouts, blemishes or acne
  • Dirt and bacteria from the environment will clog your pores and damage your skin
  • Your skin won’t be able to breathe well with makeup left on. It creates a barrier between the air and your epidermis
  • Your skin will age faster as a result of not removing makeup with a facial cleanser and then applying a moisturizer or anti-aging crème
  • You will have supple, youthful and soft skin if you carry out your bedtime beauty habit

Other tips

It is preferred that you sleep on satin sheets and pillow cases. Why? This helps you to avoid any extreme friction between the sheets, your hair and skin. It reduces the chances of hair breakage and skin creases that may result in future wrinkles. Apply a lip balm at night as well. This protects your lips, keeps it soft and prevents it from stripping.

Your skin, hair and face are not to be taken for granted. You only have several years to take care of it right before the aging process begins. Why do you think some people age gracefully? It is because they did a good job while they were younger. The time is now and it is never too late at all!

How to Wear Costume Earrings Over 40


As we get more mature, women especially who have been wearing earrings over the years will find that their earlobes will have lost their collagen and as a result may be a little flappy. After years, earrings do take a toll on your ears. For some women, the holes pierced in our ears are so stretched out that it may make your appearance like a cocker spaniel! Don’t get me wrong, it is the truth and I am not making fun of anyone!

I have had the opportunity to meet women who have had a plastic surgeon sewn up their earlobes because of it. However, for most of them, it just didn’t do any good. The most recent trend seems to be inserting collagen in their earlobes.

One of the huge mistakes that all women make is that they do not want to talk about things pertaining to this type of fashion.  This brings me to talking about the other option for damaged earlobes when a woman wants to wear costume earrings – clip on earrings!!

Clip earrings

Most women think that clip on earrings are something that their grandmothers would wear. You may think about pearls, a mink coat, and red lipstick and clip on earrings – all in the same sentence. However, believe it or not – if you found yourself in a boutique in Paris, it would be difficult to find anything else but an elegant and stylish clip on earring as your only choice. Why is that so? Well, the French people have made the investment of looking great at any age. The think that chic and fashionable should not only enjoyed by young people. French females do not give up on themselves just because they have gotten mature. Instead, they find any way to look and stay magnificent and amazing by choosing fashion that works for them.

Why clip earrings?

  • They fit the ear better
  • They look flattering
  • They will hide torn earlobes

What you should do?

Select the correct clip: either the small or wide metal bar or flap will work. The smaller ones, however, are harder to adjust and don’t have cushioned pads to protect your ears, so it would be wisest to choose the wide metal flaps instead because you can always add a pad to them and they also provide full earlobe coverage.

Consider what size and shape your earlobe is when purchasing clip on earrings. If your earlobes are small, then you may have to opt for the smaller clip; even if it is a drop earring. If you have an average sized earlobe, then you can work with any size clip on earring.

You should always try on your clip on earrings the same way you try on a pair of shoes. If you don’t find it comfortable, don’t buy it. However, you will have the option to adjust the ones that don’t fit comfortably.

Before going to bed, remove the earrings. Don’t yank them off. Remove them slowly. Open the back of your clip on earring before removing.


Shopping for earrings is one of the most fun things to do; especially with your girlfriend. You can ask each other how it looks on you and laugh about all the silly ones you may see in the store. So do shop in confidence!