2013 is a Shoe-Lover’s DREAM!

Footwear has a significant impact on your personality and how you feel about yourself. Additionally, fashion and shoes are closely connected. If you are a shoe lover, then the year 2013 with its fashion trends will delight you.

In fact, most women these days are paying close attention initially to how their shoes look than even their wardrobe. Why? Well, even a simple pair of shoes can immediately change how your outfit looks. As a shoe lover, you will end up spending time trying to find the right shoes before you even select your clothing. Wearing stylish shoes at all times is going to be important to you.

Today, fashionistas see shoes as making a better fashion statement than in past years.  No longer are shoes just a practical solution to footwear. People are putting thought into choosing their footwear and making it stand out. Let’s take a closer look at some of the shoe fashion highlights and what choices are available to women for 2013 and beyond.

Party shoes

Even though, there are many different choices of shoes for a party, most women are going for glitter and stilettos. If you want to feel like a princess when going to a party, it is not uncommon to wear diamond studded or spiked shoes. These types of shoes may cost you more, though, so if you want to lower your cost, you could look for a fashionable spin off instead of the designer Balmain stilettos. These shoes will go well with almost any outfit that you wear. You can wear them with jeans, a nice straight dress or skirt. They can also be bought in a variety of styles.



Animal print pumps

If you want to be the center of attention, throw on a pair of animal print pumps. You can get them in strappy sandals, peep toes, pointed toes, dark shades, light colors and even alligator skin. This type of shoe selection can be a fun way to show off your outfit.

Flats are Just as Chic and Hip

There may be a lot of times that you find it hard to stand in high heels or pumps. A ballet flat can be just as chic and hip for the party or office. Here are some suggestions:

  • Leather flats in copper or silver
  • Marc Jacobs has designed a red ballet shoes with a little black on the toe and a gold zipper
  • Regular flats in different colors

If you work in an office where you stand most of the day, flat shoes in leather can keep you cool and comfy all day long. With leather flats, you have many different colors and styles to choose from. Therefore, you are able to adapt any outfit to your shoes. If your preference is to wear heels to work, you can always switch to leather flats if your feet get sore sometime in the day. For the ideal work shoes, you won’t go wrong with leather flats.

New for summer 2013

Kitten heels are going to be popular this summer. They are chic, stylish, trendy and classy. They are the ideal addition to your summer wardrobe. You can find them in a variety of styles; particularly the ballet style. They have become quite prevalent over the years because you can wear them with multiple outfits. The pump version can be worn for both casual and formal occasions such as lunches, weddings and other events. The sandal version is great for the summer. You can wear them on the beach and for a quiet stroll.

If you are a woman of petite stature, you can wear kitten heels to lengthen your frame and add some height without having to depend on stiletto heels that can be uncomfortable at times. Kitten heels offer the perfection option to stilettos. They are easy to walk in, gives you poise and balance as well as comfort.

With a variety of options that you have when it comes to shoes, you should take time to find the pairs that you like. However, no matter what type of fashion statement you want to make this year, always pick the pair that is most comfortable and that fits perfectly.


Summer Sandals

Along with hot days and poolside fun, summer brings some of the sexiest styles, but some of those styles just don’t do everyone’s body justice. I love these summer flat sandals but a lot of the styles make our legs look large and stumpy and can create a really unflattering silhouette if worn wrong. I am here to help! I have a couple of tricks to keep in mind that you can stick to when picking out the perfect pair of sandals.

Watch what’s happening to the ankle: If there is too much action going on around the ankle, it can cut you off and give you the appearance of a larger leg, especially if you are short. Opt for a thin strap around the ankle if you have to have one at all.

Sling-backs are your friend: The most attractive sandal is a sling-back because it keeps that elongated look in the ankle but keeps the shoe from sliding off. When shopping, look for this style to be your “classic or go-to” sandal.

Platform problems: Most women don’t think about this very often but the heel of the sandal can have a major impact on the way a shoe will look on your leg. I have seen so many styles with a slight wedge and a thick strap up the front and around the ankle that will make even the leanest women look stocky, so please stick to flat sandals. If you would like a bit of a raised heel for comfort that is fine but keep in mind the shape and height.

Walk a while: When searching for the perfect summer sandal, walk around in them for a while – don’t just try it on and look in the mirror. If you spend some time in them you will start to get a feel for any areas that may rub or cause a blister. I can’t tell you how many times I buy a gorgeous shoe and this happens.

This style can be very sexy if done correctly, so do not be afraid to try new styles and designs!

6 Top Summer Sandal Trends

Just LOOK at these – and let me know what you think!

There’s nothing as electrifying as bright hues from head to toe. If you prefer just a pop of color, pair a vibrant shoe with neutrals.

Embrace the season’s tribal vibe with woven rope flats and bold ethnic prints. Slip on an earthy shift for effortless chic at weekend picnics or patio soirées.

Go for the gold—or the silver—with a metallic sandal. Just add sun-kissed skin and cool ivory shades to unleash your glam summer goddess.

Tall and naturally textured, these essentials add earthy elegance to everything—from jeans to high-powered suits. Ground an all-white outfit for a fresh, natural look.

Sky-high platforms with a sporty twist give preppy a posh edge. Reverse the effect and add playfulness to a prim-and-proper pleated skirt.

As versatile as your favorite blue jeans, denim-hued wedges do it all. Keep your cool with striped layers and a dark blazer, or be carefree in a boho maxi-dress.

Short Ladies: 9 Ways To Look Taller!

Are you vertically-challenged? Watch one of my recent videos and learn how to make yourself look taller by using your fashion-sense!

Boot Glams


As Summer quickly approaches I see more and more unique, strappy, fun heels. So I have been in search for the perfect pair but I cannot wear these really tall, sky high heels I have been seeing in EVERY STORE! I found the perfect solution to look unique but still have the heel you want and that is BOOT GLAMS!

I found this product through my granddaughter actually and it is funny because she had the CEO of Boot Glams come speak to her fashion trends class about their product and when she came home and I told me I was amazed at this product. It works for any woman, any age. The concept is you basically take any heel or boot that you already own and you tie this adornment of feathers or jewels around the ankle and you have created and ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SHOE!!! Here are some pictures of what they look like on and let me tell you ladies, this is perfect for any occasion and any season! You can even put these over a simple pair of flat sandals! So if you are like me and enjoy unique, sexy shoes but you like the idea of customizing your favorite pair then you must try these. You can go to their website and see the styles at bootglams.com.

The Top 3 Products for Keeping Your Feet Soft & Smooth

Show those feet some LOVE, baby!

Summertime is right around the corner and along with summer comes dry skin. Now if you are like me that dry skin is predominately on your feet – especially the heels. I have tried a lot of products out there for these issues from specialized foot creams to even the stuff at Bath and Body Works and here are the top products to keep those feet silky smooth.

1. The Diamancel Tough Buffer is great for buffing your heels. The trick is to use it every day rather than waiting until your heels look rough. If you do a few quick buffs every day, your heels will stay soft.

2. The Sally Hansen Pumice Stone. Use this in the shower and it will remove all of that dead skin around your heel. You will want to use this at least twice a week to remove the dead skin cells and keep circulation in your feet.

3. Remyde Sweep Body Scrub. This product is great for all over your body but seems a little to harsh for delicate skin so I use it on my feet. This is great for the top of your foot that gets the most exposure to shoes and dead cells.

All of these products will help you achieve silky smooth feet and it will keep the dead skin cells from building up and causing possible infections. Stay soft ladies!