Grab YOUR “Mistletoe Mister” for this holiday season!


Every year around this time, I get TONS of emails and calls asking about that all-important subject – the one we women obsess over, worry about, jump up and down for and basically spend what seems like three-quarters of our lives thinking about: MEN!

Many of you know who’ve known me for a good deal of time know that there are no limits to my opinions and examinations of this “hot” topic! I’ve been doling out advice on men and relationships for what seems like AGES – and STILL the questions and concerns keep popping up:

“Will I EVER find a decent man who will love and COMMIT to being in a relationship?”

“How come the guys I date act like LITTLE BOYS?”

“Am I doing something that’s driving these men AWAY from me? If so, how can I tell?”

“What does he MEAN when he says ________?”

“How can I keep my relationship SPICY and EXCITING even after years of marriage?”

“WHY can’t I get a man to COMMIT to me?”

“Now that I’ve FOUND a decent guy – how do I KEEP him?”

Join me for “Mistletoe Mister: Finding, Keeping and Romancing a REAL Man” – THIS is the video webinar that so many of my friends and clients have been asking for. THREE HOURS of information packed into a fast-moving, no-holds-barred video session that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and answer some of your deepest questions about relationships in general, and MEN in particular!

You can join us LIVE, or make your purchase and watch the replay any time you like!  If you’re ready to REALLY start understanding MEN, be sure to click here and get all the details on how you can attend this information-packed event!  Hope to “see” you there!