Expert Tips on Organizing Your Closet


It doesn’t make sense to own the most up-to-date handbag or trendy apparel and you cannot find space in your wardrobe to put them and you cannot find a certain outfit or purse when you need it. With a clean and organized closet, you can maximize your options and discover a refined look that you may need for a business meeting. You don’t want to deal with a scattered mess of clothing because it takes so much to fix clutter, so why create it?
Here are some tips to easier de-cluttering. Soon you will not just have full access to every piece of clothing, but you will have an orderly space like never before.

Step 1: Spring clean your closet
Getting rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in two years or more is the ideal way to clear your closet. This may be a difficult process since you have been attached to some of your outfits for so long. If it makes you feel any better, donate those items to people who need it more. This will make room for the items that you do want to keep. If you have clothing that is too small or too big, eliminate them from your wardrobe; especially if you are looking to buy new clothing.

Step 2: Hire a professional organizer or come up with a solution for appropriate storage
If it gets too overwhelming for you, then hire a professional organizer to deal with your overstuffed closet. This may be more cost effective for you. You just may need the help to create storage space such as additional shelving, new drawers and storage units. If you want to do it yourself, then go to your home department store and evaluate the different storage options such as plastic containers with multiple drawers as well as shoe trees.

Step 3: Begin the organizing process
Remember that if you can see it, then you will wear it. So begin the process by taking all similar items and putting them in one place. Organize tops seasonally. For example, all sweaters could be folded and placed in drawers or on shelves so that they still keep their shape rather than putting them on hangers. Put them in color coded order using cubbies or dividing them. Organize them according to how light and heavy they are.

Organize your jeans either by:
• Brand
• Cut
• Style
• Size
• Color (the most simple and easier way)

Items such as your pants, shorts or skirts can be hanged or folded for uniformity. Your dresses can be hung by color instead of length. Begin with the strapless dresses first and then the long sleeved dresses. Make sure that your dresses are not left in a garment bag or dry cleaning plastic. Organize your dresses seasonally as well.

Other options
For your handbags, hats, scarves and shoes, use the same process. Make them all as noticeable as possible. How are you going to change your shoes or bag without first seeing them? Fold your scarves in a color coordinated way or by material. Use hat boxes and identify the hats by labeling the boxes and putting photos on the outside.

Organize your shoes by giving the toe of the right shoe a frontal positioning and the left shoe heel the same. Put your tennis shoes and your slippers in the back of your closet.

Organize your lingerie by size, material and color. So that you don’t wear the same thing over and over again, alternate the organization process.
You should have a different location for your jewelry; preferably a drawer built into your closet or dresser. This will keep everything neat and organized.


The Color of 2013: EMERALD!

Colors and shades are hot this spring, summer and fall. If you want to know what colors to choose for which outfit, look to Pantone, which is the official ‘go to’ experts in colors. Emerald is hot! Yes, this somewhat green color is being endorsed by Pantone and it is ‘right on time’ for the upcoming seasons; reminding you of grassy lush meadows and warm afternoons.

Most designers get their inspiration on colors from a variety of different places such as green landscapes, forests, paintings, pistachio and the spring freshness outdoors.



Emerald is a prominent color that cannot be missed this spring. Green, on a whole, has a wide range of shades such as sour green, blue-green, dark green, light green, emerald and bright green.

Emerald is also a signature color. When it is combined with a great top or bottom, it can make you pop, look extraordinary and be the life of the party. An emerald top with distinct features can pull off a basic straight skirt, jeans, white shorts and a pair of black pants.

You must add emerald to your wardrobe this season. It is easy to match with a solid color or even a brighter color if you want to be bold. However, emerald does go well with white and black.

The color, emerald, can set the mood of how your day will go. It sets the tempo for the spring feeling. Go for simple pieces of apparel, though, that fall way from your body to give you that relaxed feeling that spring and summer embodies.

Emerald and your skin tone

You must be thinking, well, will it complement my skin tone? Yes, it will; no matter what your skin tone is. It is easy to wear, very flattering, in fact and adds a fashion statement to your wardrobe. I am such a big fan of seeing color on the runway and especially when it is added to different fashion collection for each season. Color can change your entire mood. It makes you feel good; look bright and can add a spark of happiness and confidence.

Like the women’s color palette, men are wearing color this spring to balance their own wardrobe and to complement their skin tones as well. Most are sticking to soothing colors like emerald and other neutral colors.

Summer and Emerald

Emerald symbolizes the introduction of green. It is the solution to putting together an outfit with khaki and white shorts in the spring and also in the summer time. It continues to be a powerful force in rings, bracelet and earrings as well as other accessories for the summer and spring. It is ideal for sportswear ensemble.

For the spring and summer, designers are addressing the self-expressive desire of their prospective consumers by inducting green into the fashion queue. Women are looking for ways to balance their wardrobe and re-energize their self-esteem. What better way to do it than to include emerald in the color palette?

It is undeniable that emerald will be here to stay for this season and for seasons to come. It will continue to be the unspoiled foreground and backdrop to so many pieces. It adds sophistication and intrigue with its hushed undertone, lively inspiration and radiant intent. Don’t be left out!


MICHAEL KORS SPRING 2013 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

MICHAEL KORS SPRING 2013 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


“Spring Forward” Fashion for Spring & Summer 2013 – Part 1

With retail sales at their highest and winter apparel being removed from the racks, the busy stores are clearing the way for the impending spring collection. The models are gracing the catwalks with some incredible stuff that need a second look. In fact, fashion designers have outdone themselves this time. The good thing is that you get to have a sneak preview of what is to come in the months ahead. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

For spring 2013, you will find simple shapes, but for fabrics and prints, you are going to see bolder! You will find a characteristic 1960’s signature in many dressing rooms during the March and April months.

Checkered patterns are going to be a throwback to years gone by, but this time, it will be bigger and better. Look for these in varied shapes, colors, sizes and shades. You will find monochrome checkered fabric in stores and on the runway more than you ever saw them before. The good thing is that these are amazing for every imaginable budget. On top of that, the material is easy to wear and appropriate for both the workplace and the club. You will definitely want to get one or two of these to add to your wardrobe. If the checkered patterns are a bit much for you, then you can still accomplish a similar look with checkered accessories.


Low pointed heels have been popular in the 1960s and 1990s and guess what? They have reappeared and already seen on the runway. Many of us have a love/hate feeling and pet peeve about wearing uncomfortable high heels. So these lower heels will definitely be forgiving to our feet and in addition, they are incredibly stylish and fashionable. If you match them with a pencil skirt for the office or put them on with some Bermuda shorts, you will, no doubt, be embracing the spring season.

You can get an immediate sharp appearance with a crisp white button down shirt. This is the ideal solution to the days when you want to look clever, shrewd and fashionable, but sexy at the same time. You can also wear these pointed heels with jeans and a blazer or couple it with a peplum skirt. You will make a statement by having a structured look with an unstructured piece.

– watch for Part 2 tomorrow!


Bold Ruffles: The New 2013 Fashion Trend

We may still be in the middle of winter, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t keep abreast of the new 2013 fashion trend. Ruffles! Ruffles! Ruffles! I can’t say it enough! This is one of the top trends of 2013. It is exciting to know how fab women will look in ruffles; no matter your size, shape, body type, age or preference.

Ruffles make every woman look feminine. Yes, that is the truth. It can make you look girly; whether you are 18 or 50 years old. Ruffles are popping up on every piece of clothing; from clothing hems to sleeves of tops. You will add fabulous flair to your closet with a ruffled piece.

010913-CWL-bold-ruffles-400Dramatic Ruffles

From fluttery sheer tops to sexy short dresses, women are falling in love with bold ruffles. These ladylike attires will give spring a much needed spunk from the cold winter months. The reason why most women love bold ruffles is because of how it frames the facial features and shapes the hips. In previous spring seasons, we have seen ruffles, but there is something different about this year. Last spring, ruffles were stiff, floppier and grim looking, but now we seeing a more contemporary; showing off feminine features.

If you have not yet bought or have in your closet – a peplum top with ruffled bottom, you should go out and purchase one to add to your spring 2013 fashion collection. This piece will be trendy for years to come. It is not surprising why designers are pushing this piece as one of the hottest trend because it is. Ruffles are the ideal way to spruce up a bland bottom or top. In 2013, ruffles are going to be bold and big; no holding back. Although feminine, ruffles are going to be very theatrical and dominant this spring.

Ruffles are for women and girls who don’t mind feeling pretty, chic, fashionable and trendy; transforming you into a runway model because you will get the attention you deserve.

How to Dress in Ruffles

When wearing ruffles, you don’t need any jewelry or accessories. They already make a statement. If your ruffles are snaked around your neck or flowing down your shoulder, it is advisable to don a sleek pulled-back hairstyle so that your ruffled attire get all of the attention. Wear non-matching colored pumps or sandals to complement your ruffled dress, top or bottom.

Ruffles combined with a color block effect tend to be fashion forward and makes you look young. It also enhances your appearance to make a stylish statement compared to what could have turned out to be just plain and boring.

Wear a pair of pants that make your hips look balanced; cropped pants are ideal or a cute straight skirt. Your ruffled top will do the rest. Ruffles hide the stomach area and flatter the rest of your body. Of course, some body types have to be aware of what type of ruffled garments to wear. You have to make sure the ruffles camouflage the areas that you are trying to hide and emphasize the body parts that you want to highlight.

Asymmetrical ruffled peplum attire provide flair, punch and fashion edginess; no matter what the color. It is also fashion forward and will turn heads. If you want to stay modern, trendy and fashionable, try ruffles this spring.

Adapting to today’s fashion trends despite your age

Ok, so you are getting older and you still love to look chic and stylish! What else is new? You are not alone and you don’t have to feel guilty about making your own fashion statement. You don’t have to answer to anyone, but yourself. Do what pleases you, but don’t go overboard. Since you know who you are, no one can decide exactly what you should wear. However, in this article, I am going to give you little tidbits that have worked for many people over the age of forty.

Most women love clothing and love to be a part of the new fashion trends. However, not all fashion trends are meant for the younger or older crowd. You have to pick what works with your body type, appearance, height, complexion, and personal taste. You could be over forty and still be passed for a younger person. You could probably get away with dressing younger. But it all depends on how you feel about it.


If you look younger than your age, you could probably pull off wearing thigh high boots and reasonably short dresses. This can be done without looking inappropriate. However, before you consider those thigh high boots, here are some things to consider:

  • Wear with slim fitting jeans
  • Wear black opaque tights
  • Put on some sheer pantyhose

Don’t buy thigh high boots made of patent leather. Choose a matte-looking material like suede. It will give you a mature look that is appealing and stylish. Forget about the complex shoe details. Choose styles that are simple.

Things to consider

If you want to dress age appropriate and still look confident and alluring, here some things to consider:

  • Dress feminine and leave the cute look to the younger women. This means you won’t dress in tier clothing or too much frills. Instead, choose an appealing wrap neckline, tailored suits, long statement earrings, the all black look, leopard prints and leather.
  • Wear fitted clothing, but not too tight. Get your right fit. This means you should know the measurements of your body before you go shopping.

There are some timeless items that are still in your wardrobe to wear. Your silk scarves and double-breasted jackets are never going to be unfashionable; no matter what age you get to.

Simplify your wardrobe

Simplicity is usually the key to looking fabulous and yet trendy. You don’t have to resort to the more expensive look. Clothing that you see on the red carpet worn by celebrities can be yours at a fraction of the cost. Go to designer stores and take a peek in their ‘look books.’ You will get plenty of ideas there for someone your age.

olderfashionTry to wear colors that complement your skin tone and tones down your outfit such as burgundy, camel and bottle green. Remember, when you were in your thirties, you used to go for the bright colors to spruce up your wardrobe for a much youthful look. After forty, you would take it down a notch.

Do you see yourself in an olive green top, camel skirt coupled with a burgundy blazer? That is truly chic, sophisticated and smart. What you did was to inject just a little color into your outfit to help bring out your personality. The outfit is simple, but will spark up some conversation on your way to the office or out to dinner.

Matching your hairstyle with your wardrobe

Your wardrobe should also match your hairstyle.  Older women will wear a shorter hairdo even if they have to cut their long tresses. It gives you a more classy and stylish look. Watch what your favorite celebrities in your age group are wearing. They are not always right, but close to it. You can emulate their hairdos or something similar as well as some of their fashion statements.

Make a bold statement with stripes and STILL look classy over 40!

Watch out all you ladies who are over the age of forty!  For the spring 2013 season, bold, bright, bossy and big stripes are coming back in your fashion world. With their crispy and renewed appeal, stripes are going to make fashion look yuppie and maritime this year. Some of the types of clothing you will see represent modern, graphic, inspired and sometimes jailbird looking, for lack of a better word. Don’t laugh! Yes, you heard me right! You will see all kinds of stripes: horizontal, classic black, white, vertical, two-toned and multicolored. You will be like a kid in a candy store since you will have so many selections to wade through. OK, now for the good part. We are going to lay the foundation for you so you can make sense of everything.

How to wear stripes

No woman will be left out because there are so many unique ways that you can wear stripes for this season. Did you know that you can wear a striped top with a striped bottom, a striped bottom with a floral top and a striped top that has graphic patterns? However, the simplest way to wear your stripes and still look fabulous is to maintain a classic and chic look. Here is an example: you can pair a black pencil skirt with a striped top and a two-toned sling back pair of pumps. It is elegant, trendy and simple for any environment; office, party or dinner.

Sling backs are an amazing selection for any outfit; especially one just described. For one the two-toned sling back gives life to the outfit in comparison to just a basic black pump. In addition, the sling back will add sex appeal to your look. This is the ideal choice instead of an open toe shoe because not many offices allow you to go that casual.

What about the scarf and more?

Ok, let’s move on now. Scarves are excellent for the spring. They come in a mixture of stripes and polka dots. These go well with any outfit. It provides a burst of elegance and boldness with a spring freshness that shows off your fashion forwardness. You can wear the scarf around your neck or on your bag handle – you will look quite Grace Kelly like! The only thing missing would be a pair of huge, black Jackie Onassis sunglasses.

If you have wide hips, it is suggested by some that you wear thin horizontal stripes. Wider stripes would only broaden your hips. To minimize the broadening effect, you can wear a striped t-shirt under a neutral-colored cardigan or blazer.

There is a myth, though, that has been maintained in the fashion world for decades. The myth is that curvy women should only stick to wearing stripes that go up and down, possibly elongating the body and that they should not wear stripes that run side by side because it widens them. This well preserved fashion rule no longer applies, thanks to Peter Thompson, who is skilled in perception and works in the Psychology Department at York University.

In his research, he did a study where he asked individuals to do a comparison test. They were to compare over 200 photos of women who wore horizontal and vertical striped dresses. He asked the same individuals to tell which of the pictures made the women look fatter.

Astonishingly, his experimentation revealed that when the two females were of similar size, the one who wore the horizontal striped dress was believed to be thinner. The findings, then, were that horizontal stripes will not make women look fat. It is the opposite – it makes them look thinner. So wear your stripes this spring with confidence and boldness!