2013 Handbags are here!


With spring, fall and summer almost here, it is time to get serious about fashionable trends that are already underway. Fashion shows throughout the world are giving us more than just a peak into many inspirations that we can use to spruce up our wardrobes. While many are focusing on garments, others are looking for the ultimate accessories that can go with them including bracelets, earrings, shoes and necklaces, but most importantly handbags.

The question is which style is the most popular for 2013 when it comes to handbags? Well, the first handbag trend that is noticeable in 2013 is the return of the messenger bag. However, for 2013, these are returning much smaller and daintier. This particular bag is fun and resourceful enough to take with you to a dance, to the bar and to any other occasion where you just want to carry a few things such as your money, lipstick, driver’s license and credit card. This trend is new, but it definitely will catch up very quickly with the younger crowd and a few mothers who have to be on the go and need an everyday little bag to effortlessly take with her.

An excellent way to combine color with your outfit is to carry a color distinctive bag and in 2013, having a hint of color in your handbag is certainly mandatory. Additionally, for 2013, matching outfit, shoes and purse is a must. Add the Yves Saint Laurent clutch purse to your spring collection. It will help you to change over from a day look to a night look or from a summer look to a winter or fall look.

Document Clutch and more

The document clutch purse is an excellent handbag for 2013. It is oversized and is a great accessory to a simple outfit, but at the same time, it is suitable to hold all the treats that you want to take with you. This could include your cell phone, credit cards, make up and even personal documents. Make sure you get one of these to add to your handbag and purse collection. However, choose one that can transition from a clutch to a handbag with shoulder straps, which would be ideal for day time use.

A clutch purse with a boom box and Bluetooth! Whoever, heard of such a thing? Well, the designer Rebecca Minkoff has created this limited version for those who love fashion forwardness. This handbag has been carried by models on the runway and will be an endless classic for years to come.

While the normal fashionista might not have the ability to spend her hard earned cash to purchase one of these eccentric pieces, it is certainly an indication of the future with other peculiar and everyday clutches getting ready to become common all through 2013.

The Slouch Handbag

The slouch handbag is another trendy piece that you should take a closer look at. It is the ideal handbag to take with you on a causal outing. It is large and has a teardrop contour and is easy to naturally mix in with your outfit. On the runway, the slouch handbag was seen in various types of patterns and fabrics that matched sophisticated and classy ensembles. This is the perfection choice for a contemporary woman how has many items to put in her purse each day. It can also be worn as a shoulder bag or carried in your hand. It all depends on what you prefer.

The Bowling Handbag

The Bowling handbag has replaced the regular handbag and will prove to be just as popular in the years to come. During Fashion Week, many of these bowling bags were seen on the catwalk. Some were square in shape and some were stocky, but with a fashionable edge to make a distinct statement.

For women who want to buy one of these bags and add to her closet, a professional outfit is the best accessory. Combine this bag with a shrewdly tailored suit and tiny heels for the perfect office wear. On the other hand, you can give it a somewhat more casual look by dressing in skinny jeans with a spontaneous blazer or a basic skirt and sheer leggings.

The Baroque-motivated handbag is another 2013 trend to look out for. It exudes femininity and gives your outfit a vintage appearance. One example is the Dolce and Gabana Needlepoint handbag. It comes in black and white colors and can be purchased at Nordstrom.


For 2013, there is also a color trend for handbags. Black is a great option because it is sure to always be in style and so is navy blue and nudes, but bolder prints could be seen on the catwalk during Fashion Week. To jazz up your outfit, you can choose black with extra embellishments and decorations. Do what makes you comfortable, but bold makes your outfit pop.

Whatever handbag style you select for 2013, be reminded that it needs to match what you have in your wardrobe. So before you go out and buy that amazing handbag, search your wardrobe to see what shoes or clothes will complement your handbag.


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Fashion Show Tonight!


I’m so excited to attend the Texas Discovery Gardens “Organic in the City” Fashion Show tonight! The show will feature cutting-edge sustainable fashion, plus there’ll be live music, a designer meet-and-greet, yummy desserts and appetizers, champagne, wine and more! If you’re in the area be sure to attend this event – hope to see you there!

How to Host a Party

So I know the holidays are over (thank goodness) and we are headed towards spring and summer, but along with spring and summer come more and more outdoor festivities. Now these activities can be cookouts, barbeques, pool parties, or even drinks on the deck. Whatever event you are planning, it is important to know how to plan and execute a party so everything goes smoothly and everyone enjoys it. I know in most cases you think that when you host a party the only people really enjoying it are the guests but I hope after you read this that changes. With the right organizational skills you can really enjoy your own party and be stress free!

PLAN IT OUT: The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to party planning is they are missing one key component…the planning part. Yes you sent out invitations, yes you bought food and drinks, but often times you invite too many people and you don’t have enough food and drink to accommodate the room. THIS IS A PROBLEM! I cannot tell you how many times I leave frustrated when someone does not plan out a party correctly because it really is an easy fix you just have to think smart.

During a cocktail party, people need typically 4-5 feet of personal space. So if you’re hosting in your living room of about 400 square feet, you can accommodate 80-100 people. In general, 80% of the invited guests will RSVP in the affirmative and of those, 5% will flake out or have something come up last minute. So for a general rule of thumb, for every 100 people you invite, expect 75 to show up.

If this is a small intimate party, it will most likely be a lot easier to plan out because not that much thought is involved. But, if you are hosting a party of 30 or more people, HIRE A BARTENDER (TRUST ME!) or you will be serving drinks the entire night and you won’t be able to enjoy your own party.

Now for food. If you are not serving a meal, expect each guest to consume about 10 appetizers over the course of the evening. You always want to have more than less when it comes to food. What is not eaten you can save for a snack in your fridge for the upcoming week!

Remember that when you plan a party, you are considering what is easiest for the guests so always be prepared for anything and everything!

These steps will help you when it comes to party planning and will ensure that you have a great evening with close friends!