How to Choose Perfect (and Appropriate) Cruise Wear


It is apparent that when you are approaching the age before and after retirement, one of your aspirations is to go on various cruises. However, what do you wear for your cruise wear is the question that needs to be answered for many? Of course, for every woman who wants to enjoy her later years, a cruise is essential to relieving the stress, having fun and meeting new people.

Preparing for the cruise means that you have to do your research. Included in your research should be different ports where you will stop; the weather that you will encounter and how long you will be allowed on land. You also want to know what kind of entertainment the ship provides for its guests.

cruisewearQuite likely, most ships will have a band with live entertainment on specific nights. Most ships have an indoor and outdoor pool where you can lounge at the poolside all day if you want to. There are casinos on many ships if you love to play the slot machines. Of course, you cannot avoid eating various meals in the restaurants. Most ships will also have guests congregate to play games and offer prizes.

With all of this being said, you will need semi-formal attire for the casinos or you can choose comfort in flats, capri pants and trendy top. A nice top and pair of pants or skirt will also do for such occasion. For the pool side, you will need a nice, sexy bikini, if you choose to be bold or a one piece bathing suit, if you want to be less conspicuous. A tankini and bottom is also another option, if you don’t want to wear the bikini or one piece bathing suit. This is more conservative than the bikini. For the live entertainment night, you can dress up more formally with a stunning dress or pant suit.

When going off the ship, think about comfort. You want to have one or two shorts set; baggy shorts and loose top because you will be doing a lot of walking and may get hot. You can also wear a long maxi dress; loosely fitted as well and a pair of slipper. For bedtime, you can wear nice lingerie or pajamas will do.

There is not much to shopping for cruise wear since the most obvious have already been mentioned. You don’t have to pack a punch when traveling on a cruise ship, but be sure to have no less than two bathing suits and two sets of clothing for the different events; especially if you are the kind of person who is indecisive about what to wear.




Wow!!!  Snakeskin is back again for Spring and Summer.  I can’t wait to dig out my white skinny jeans with a black cami and beige jacket, and to top it off I’ll add my snakeskin sandals and carry a clutch!

Snakeskin works great with long skirts, capris, leggings, dresses, and jeans.  It also works great with all neutrals too.  If you look around the stores you’ll see colored snakeskin that really is HOT this year, especially the cobalt blue.  These wild colors will make any outfit POP.  Just remember one thing: don’t mix other animal prints with it – that’d be too much, and tacky as well!

Burgundy is the Color of the Season!

It looks fantastic with gray, camel, and black—and fresh with brights!

The Top Ten Fall Must-Haves!

Fall is Here!  The leaves are starting to fall, temperatures are dropping, and I am SHOPPING! hahahaha!

This is my favorite season of the year.  The clothes are classier, they are structured better, and we look SO expensive.  The colors for the season are autumn colors combined with pops of bright colors. Bordeaux, jade green, mustard, cobalt blues, OMG!  We are going to look fabulous ladies!

Every season my ladies always get confused on how to look trendy without overdoing it – so I thought I’d help you out today with a list of my Top Ten Must-Haves for Fall 2012. Enjoy!

Check out these Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

Great article from Glamour about the new trends for Fall – check it out here and let me know what you think!

Use Sunscreen!

4th of July Style

It is that time of year again, fireworks, bbq’s, picnics, and socializing. A time when the heat can have a serious effect on style but, I am here to change that. As the temperature increases, our need to look fashion-forward goes out the window. Ladies we have all been there but I have a couple of ideas to help you look fabulous while keeping it simple and breezy!

Sundress to impress: A simple sundress is probably the easiest and most versatile outfit to wear in the summer. You can choose any style you want and you won’t have to worry about anything binding or sitting too close to your skin. This is for maximum comfort and minimal effort, just how summer style should be!

Bermuda baby: I absolutely love how Bermuda shorts have evolved over the years, they come in so many different fabrics that you are bound to find that perfect pair. I suggest linen or a cotton blend.

White Night: I know all of you ladies have a pair of white jeans that you love and now is the time to wear them. White jeans are perfect for summer festivities because they make you look beach-ready, and you can wear them with any top you own. White is a staple color for summer so wear them as much as you can!

Keeping these tips in mind, go find that perfect 4th of July outfit, with these looks, you are sure to be the firecracker in the crowd!