Summer Fashion Must-Haves!

While it’s a challenge to narrow down the top five fashion must-haves for summer, we have made the ultimate pick of items that add graceful style, class and flexibility. I love to shop and like most of you, I have to keep within my budget while getting the things that I do like to stay savvy. With this, I have provided some of summer’s mandatory items that I live by and that you can do as well.
Here is my list of summer basics:

1. Handbags
I am so excited when I talk about fashion; especially clothing and handbags. In fact, like most women, I am addicted to handbags. Do you remember the episode of the ‘Sex in the City,’ where one of the cast members, Carrie Bradshaw accepts her addiction to shoes and indicates that this addiction will literally make her the old woman that lived in a shoe? Well, you get the impression of what I am saying, right? A handbag is more than just a piece that you wear only in the summer. However, during the summer, it comes with expanded choices, styles and colors. A white purse is always going to be the usual summer model. In fact, you won’t go wrong with a white purse. You still have an overabundance of intriguing shades to select from. Red and yellow are two of my picks! A clutch this season is a must-have!

2. Sundresses
Nothing makes you feel more relaxed, unruffled, and stylish than putting on a sundress for the summer. They are informal, multipurpose, and not as restrictive as most shorts and skirts. You should try to own a wide range of summer outfits that meet the same criteria as the sundress. Maxis and mini-dresses are ideal. They can come in various colors, fabrics, shapes and fit. At all times, select dresses that are suitable, comfy, and fit all the right curves. Mini-dresses should never be too short and maxi dresses should never be dragging on the floor. They should outline your curves and emphasize your favorite areas. Always remember to accessorize every look with chunky items of jewelry in turquoise and coral colors, amazing sunglasses, and of course, remarkable shoes. For the summer, flip flops and wedges are going to be something for all women. Personalize your outfit by adding your own style and wear clothing that fit!

3. Camp shirts
An excellent trend this summer is going to be the long boyish shorts worn with female tops. To the ensemble, you would add flip flops, high heels or medium heels. A great return and throwback from the fifties and sixties is the camp styled short sleeve shirt. You will discover these shirts in great numbers on the racks of your preferred retail store. Look to see these neat little items in basic colors, as well as countless prints, designs, and stripes.
4. Sunglasses
You don’t wear designer frame eyewear just to protect your eyes from the sun, but also to make a fashion statement. A stylish pair of sunglasses can finish your look and add style to any ensemble. Prudently selected seasonal designer frames will help you to accomplish your trendy look, no matter what the natural elements outside are. Most of this summer’s fashion sunglasses come in various shapes, but the geometric shape is the trend for 2013. You will find bold colors to spruce up your personality and add grace to your style.

5. Hats
Capture the happy-go-lucky feeling of summer with a variety of hats. You will find that perfect hat for your summer vacation, unplanned shopping trips and barbecue in your neighbor’s backyard. Just add some sunscreen to prepare to have fun in the sun. Choose styles that consist of light and ventilated materials fit for warm weather. Choose light colors and hats that offers several possibilities for protection from the sun. There are so many opportunities to sport a new summer hat such as the beach, the pool, a baseball game and the office picnic.
Enjoy Shopping!


How to Choose Designer Eyeglasses


It is apparent that buying eyeglasses and special sunglasses can be quite tedious because there are so many aspects to it. You have to buy ones that match your personal taste, your look and ones that give you confidence. You also need eyewear that offers the exact purpose for which it will serve. It is OK to be fashionable, but you still want something that works for you.


Eyeglasses can be trendy for both men and woman. You also have fashionable prescription eyeglasses for reading and for sporting outdoors.  For example, if you are an avid golfer, you want something that will protect you from the sun and yet offer better viewing in the sunlight. When shopping for trendy eyewear, you need to look at ones that will fit the shape of your face and match your extensive wardrobe; meaning that you should be able to find more than one outfit to wear with your eyeglasses. Don’t choose yellow or orange frames when you only have one or two yellow or orange outfit to complete the ensemble.

When buying eyeglasses, make sure you have a wide selection of:

  • Polarized
  • Non-polarized
  • Prescription
  • Non-prescription

7226-whiteBe sure that you look at the material used and the type of eyeglasses before you make any purchase.

Purpose of Buying

People purchase eyewear for different purposes including reading, fashion, correcting vision, driving at night, safety, UV protection and sportswear. You may find yourself with more than one eyeglass since a prescription eyeglasses may not work at a sporting event and a night driving eyeglasses may not work during the day. Another example is eyeglasses that have anti-reflective coating, which are worn for night driving might not necessarily work to correct your vision. So buying a pair of eyeglasses is much more than the selection process. Therefore, you have to know what you specifically need. Ask questions and make sure that you are getting the right pair for the right situation.

7236_GoldOCorrect Fit

All women and men have different shaped faces. So you have to find the right kind of eyewear to fit your particular facial features. Also, if you have an ill fitted pair of eyeglass, it may cause dents on your nose or discomfort behind your ears. You must have this corrected to improve any vision problems that it may cause. A large or small designer sunglass might be disproportionate to your face and make you look unattractive. Every eyeglass must have the correct fit to give you the look you want and to enhance your personality.

How to Wear Lace for Spring

For every season, you should get a new and fashion forward wardrobe.  Lace is in for spring 2013 – with its delicate feel, the fabric proves to offer up femininity on more than a platter. Cool and confident, a woman in lace will have heads turning when she walks by. Whether this is created as a full dress, skirt or top, lacey attire is lightweight and fun. It can also be worn as a sophisticated insert on any piece of garment.

I really love the way how lace looks on any woman. With its feminine touch, it creates softness, elegance and looks striking. However, there is a wrong and right way to wear lace. If you don’t do it right, it may appear as if you are donning your underwear for public view. This will transform you from a classy female to one who is only trying to get unwanted attention.


Wearing lace

Lace has many different colors and cuts. Leather with lace is the ultimate combination! This is one of the cuts that have graced many runways. Here are some examples of wearing lace:

Example 1:

Combine two different types of lace; one for your top and another for your bottom in order to pull off the fashionista look. Add a leather bag, dark shades and rocker bracelet to complete the ensemble.

Example 2:

For a night out with the girls, dress in a laced peplum top and a Bermuda shorts with pumps.

If you have any idea about the eighties, you may have heard that Madonna rocked many lace outfits including the racy lace bustier and lace gloves she wore during her magnetic performance. Don’t get me wrong. This look can be rocked, but mature women may not be able to pull this off like Madonna did. There is no reason be subjected to that if it makes you uncomfortable! The Material Girl should keep her place on the stage, but not when you are out with friends.

On the runway, designers such as Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli boldly brought out the lace looks for spring 2013 and they were modern, classy and chic. In fact, they were a huge inspiration to so many women who were in attendance.

Example 3:

You can bring spring trends in right now by wearing a lace tank top with a quick look-see from underneath your blazer.  You can also don a pencil skirt with lace at the bottom. Don’t try this yet if you are not living in frigid climate.

Wait until the spring to show off your well chiseled arms from those pushups you did by wearing a sleeveless lace dress. You can wear a shift dress with lace inserts in the sides and back.

Lace has found its way in leggings. Many designers use the lace inserts in leggings to create a sexy look to wear when you are going out to the club.

So, how will you be incorporating lace into your wardrobe this season? Inquisitive minds want to know!

How to Shop for Denim in 2013

Every season brings new fashion trends. Women look forward to this all the time. If you don’t, then you better get on board or you will be left behind. Fashion helps to breathe life into your wardrobe. Looking at fashion shows around the globe, you see infamous designer brands for the fast approaching spring and summer seasonal trends. It has proven to be a fierce variety of spectacular pieces and fascinating ideas meant for any chic fashionista’s closet.


The fashion trends for this new season will include varying pieces such as:

• Former and future romantic pieces
• Sports
• Safari
• Feminine
• Sexy
• Elegant
• Bright and colorful
• Sharp and business like

There will be something for everyone to fit their personal taste and style. So let’s take peek at the most modern trends for the future! Denim is one of the favored pieces for spring and summer 2013. The most trendy denim piece is the somewhat baggy jeans. Denim has made its way into many designers’ collection for this season; namely Rebecca Taylor and Dsquared2. The denim jacket is in a looser and trench coat version this season.
Fitted jeans are one piece of clothing that is worn by most people. In fact, you should find it in every woman’s wardrobe. For one, it is a comfortable fit and easy to put on. There is barely any woman that doesn’t love a nice pair of fitted jeans. Furthermore, denim is always trendy; no matter what season is in. Denim always returns each season with minor changes and some modernizing.

Choosing the right fitted jeans
It is sometimes difficult to find the exact fitted jeans. You have to know how to choose the right color, cut and style. The fashion rule is to choose darker colors if you want the slimming effect. If you choose brighter colored denim, it adds more volume to your figure. Every woman should have a pair of classic blue and black jeans in her collection. You can combine any of these with a variety of colored tops. With one or two pairs of these jeans, you have more options of creating a new, modern and fresh look when you add brightly colored tops.
Become street smart when it comes to your weekend attire with its suggestive and stimulating rehashing of blazers and denim skirts.

Chambray is a spin-off when it comes to denim. This fabric has seen a real rebirth from its glory days when it used to be rocked as work attire in the early 1900s. Many designers such as Chris Peters have provided an updated style in the form of wide legged pants. Because of this, denim jeans won’t be the same ever again! The same designer has created a patchwork of different denim shades including chambray, which symbolizes a grungy and cool look to those who wear them.
Chambray dresses are also trendy and come in a combination of pockets, textures and straps. Chambray vests can be worn over a white top with black miniskirt. This will make a fashion statement this spring.

The Color of 2013: EMERALD!

Colors and shades are hot this spring, summer and fall. If you want to know what colors to choose for which outfit, look to Pantone, which is the official ‘go to’ experts in colors. Emerald is hot! Yes, this somewhat green color is being endorsed by Pantone and it is ‘right on time’ for the upcoming seasons; reminding you of grassy lush meadows and warm afternoons.

Most designers get their inspiration on colors from a variety of different places such as green landscapes, forests, paintings, pistachio and the spring freshness outdoors.



Emerald is a prominent color that cannot be missed this spring. Green, on a whole, has a wide range of shades such as sour green, blue-green, dark green, light green, emerald and bright green.

Emerald is also a signature color. When it is combined with a great top or bottom, it can make you pop, look extraordinary and be the life of the party. An emerald top with distinct features can pull off a basic straight skirt, jeans, white shorts and a pair of black pants.

You must add emerald to your wardrobe this season. It is easy to match with a solid color or even a brighter color if you want to be bold. However, emerald does go well with white and black.

The color, emerald, can set the mood of how your day will go. It sets the tempo for the spring feeling. Go for simple pieces of apparel, though, that fall way from your body to give you that relaxed feeling that spring and summer embodies.

Emerald and your skin tone

You must be thinking, well, will it complement my skin tone? Yes, it will; no matter what your skin tone is. It is easy to wear, very flattering, in fact and adds a fashion statement to your wardrobe. I am such a big fan of seeing color on the runway and especially when it is added to different fashion collection for each season. Color can change your entire mood. It makes you feel good; look bright and can add a spark of happiness and confidence.

Like the women’s color palette, men are wearing color this spring to balance their own wardrobe and to complement their skin tones as well. Most are sticking to soothing colors like emerald and other neutral colors.

Summer and Emerald

Emerald symbolizes the introduction of green. It is the solution to putting together an outfit with khaki and white shorts in the spring and also in the summer time. It continues to be a powerful force in rings, bracelet and earrings as well as other accessories for the summer and spring. It is ideal for sportswear ensemble.

For the spring and summer, designers are addressing the self-expressive desire of their prospective consumers by inducting green into the fashion queue. Women are looking for ways to balance their wardrobe and re-energize their self-esteem. What better way to do it than to include emerald in the color palette?

It is undeniable that emerald will be here to stay for this season and for seasons to come. It will continue to be the unspoiled foreground and backdrop to so many pieces. It adds sophistication and intrigue with its hushed undertone, lively inspiration and radiant intent. Don’t be left out!


Black & White is Here for Spring AND Fall

You may be wondering if black and white will be boring for this season since these are just basic every day colors, but you are wrong if that is what you think! Black and white will always be around; no matter what the season. These are the two colors that go so well together for any outfit. However, to set your mind at ease, be reassured that if you are a black and white colored person like so many women, you may already have the pieces in your wardrobe that can pull off a fashion statement for the spring and fall.

Black and white never left the runway or the hearts of fashion designers. It has always been trendy. I mean, come on! Which woman doesn’t have a pair of black pants and a crispy white top in their closet? The hint is if you don’t, then you should! The great thing is that black and white looks excellent on anyone. You just have to make sure you stay away from the stuffy look, which means that you don’t want anyone to make the mistake of thinking you are an usher or hostess in a restaurant when you are not!


The solid twosome will be getting a lot of playing time for spring and fall. Since spring is so much closer, it is giving us promise of an inspired fashion forecast as we dream of ways to combine these two colors. We know that spring is filled with bright and bold colors. So why not add those accessories to your black and white ensemble to make your own fashion statement?

You have so many bold colors to play with this season to add spunk to your basic black and white:
• Navy blue
• Icy gray
• Shades of purple
• Orange
• Emerald

As many watched the runway models do their cat walk in black and white head-to-toe attire, it reveals the fashion trend for spring 2013. Although, it may seem commonplace, be reassured that this season will turn the black and white outfit into a high possibility for sophistication and also simplicity. You can put it together in such a way as to let it become an eye catching piece with distinctive fashion forwardness.

Its timelessness
Black and white combined is timeless and enduring; yet can be so chic. The best thing about it is that many pieces are affordable and you will have them in your closet for years to come. You should rock this trend and be a part of the fashion frenzy for this season because you don’t want to feel left out.

Keeping it simple
The simplest way to contemplate this trend is to utilize the black and white apparel staples that you previously own. If you are looking for a casual look, you can add a white t-shirt to a straight black skirt and blazer as well as dress it up a little with a black pump, drop earrings, a bracelet and ring. You can also consider a white and black color block outfit in leather, suede and other fabrics – floral, graphic print and abstract prints.

The Checkerboard look for Spring



For most women, putting together an outfit this spring will be definitely less of a stress and this is all due to the March Jacobs collection with all its cool and inspiring looks that make it OK to show up at an event wearing the same outfit as your best friend. You will also have the go ahead to wear two altogether different feet of shoes at the same time. Are you kidding, you may ask? Yes, fashion is what you make it and the checkerboard quirky look makes it appealing to try anything crazy this spring; especially if you cannot afford the designer looks right now!

About ninety three percent of Louis Vuitton’s fashion ensembles this spring are featuring contrasted checkers previously known as Damier and graphic prints. These are signature looks from Louis Vuitton that have stood the test of time. You may recognize the same look in their bags, suitcases and leather products that you may have lusted after in the airport duty free shops. Now you can emulate the same  look with your clothing. These prints are iconic and have gone through the fashion mill by designers who have blown them up, super-sized them and even sprinkled all types of pattern on the fabric.

You will find these little checkerboard numbers in:

  • Fitted Jackets
  • Shift Dresses
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Rompers
  • Crop Tops and other trendy outfits

The Louis Vuitton fashion show for spring 2013 has already passed, but who could overlook the big yellow and white checkerboard runway? Models graced the runway in almost identical ensembles and looked as if they were talented twins. This reminded you of a renaissance event that appealed to the bold and beautiful who aren’t afraid to try these and other additional prints.

Celebrities and checkerboard

Celebrities are gravitating towards the checkerboard apparel and the red carpet has seen many so far. It has been in various colors and styles of late. Kristen Stewart received the debut honor of wearing a Louis Vuitton checkerboard romper to a night affair in Tokyo after the same outfit was shown on a Paris runway. She loved the piece and secured it before anyone else could. She may have worn a sample that she received from the fashion show itself.

Kerry Washington, Kate Upton and Jessica Alba also wore the checkerboard on the red carpet and on magazine front covers. Kerry Washington wore her dress baggy and below the knees. She combined the look with pointed brown pumps and white accessory.

This trend may find itself being one of the most dominant in spring collections and editorial pieces. It is presented as a high impact, easy-to-recognize and wearable outfit. Be prepared to see a lot of checkerboard outfits over the next several months in even bolder colors.

Kirsten Dunst rocked the checkerboard dress made by Louis Vuitton at an event in Los Angeles. She wore fashionable accessories and a white clutch purse.

Jessica Alba wore her form fitting black and white checkerboard dress at the after party event of InStyle Golden Globe Awards. She completed the look with black clutch purse and black pumps.

You can pay tribute to this square and unique fashion trend by also implementing it in the accessories, shoes and sunglasses that you wear.