Amanda Brooks Exits Barneys!


Amanda Brooks

Barneys New York has been stirring quite the buzz around the fashion industry lately but I think the biggest shock was that fashion director Amanda Brooks gave her resignation from the brand. She said she will be relocating to England with her husband and children.

I completely understand her decision and she’s built up the brand so much I can’t help but wonder…how will this change affect Barneys now? I’m sure if they hire within, it will be the same Barneys we know and love but if they hire outside of the company I am interested to see exactly where they find the person and what credentials they come with. I am slowly noticing a trend that more and more fashion forward companies are hiring previous Apple Inc. employees. So I am going to predict that Barneys will do the same?!! Only time will tell but, I will keep you updated!


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Did you enjoy my Holiday Fashion & Style webinar?

We had a BLAST yesterday during my HOLIDAY FASHION & STYLE WEBINAR – I can’t even begin to describe how much FUN I had hosting the event!  In spite of one minor glitch after the first hour (what can I say? I’m the opposite of tech “savvy” hahaha!) the webinar was a huge success!  I literally poured out boat-loads of information on makeup techniques (which I demonstrated on my own face as well), we covered different face shapes, went through fashion styles for the holiday season, talked about Christmas and New Year’s parties and etiquette basics – hell, I even added some extra information for women who are dying to find their “Mistletoe Mister” for the holidays (or spice things up with their current man and bring on the romance!)

In fact, my NEXT webinar will be all about that subject we all love to talk about, worry about, dream about and immerse our romantic little selves in: MEN!  Finding a date for the holiday season, spicing things up with your husband or significant other during the cold winter months, how to get your man to commit (i.e., drop the bling and flash that RING LOL!) and SO much more.  I know a lot of you ladies will be chomping at the bit to get in on this one – so be sure you’re subscribed to my email list so you can be the first to know when my webinar MISTLETOE MISTER goes on sale!

In the meantime, if you attended or watched the replays of my FASHION & STYLE WEBINAR, I’d love to hear what you though about the information I provided, so be sure to leave a comment below!

Janet’s Makeover Transformation

This is Janet. She is my little 55 yr. old “Tom Boy”. She is extremely athletic and swims numerous times a week, and loves her football. Janet has an outrageous personality and loves a good time. Her figure is totally in shape and can wear anything, but straight lines in clothes are her thing. I wanted Janet to cut all of that hair as it was a bit too young at her age and she had the bangs of a 20 yr. old. She is a beautiful woman but wasn’t taking advantage of her looks. We shagged the hair, cut off 8 inches, highlights and lowlights and it gave her a warmer look next to her skin tone. Janet never wore any makeup to speak of, so we went a lot of MAC on her and brought out her beautiful eyes and gorgeous complexion. WOW! Now she looks sexy and feminine!



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I love my new website – how about you?

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