Menopause Belly Fat: What Do I Do?

Most women will come to an agreement that the menopausal period is intimidating, challenging, frustrating and intriguing. Most importantly, the change that women go through during this period is alarming because of the weight gain and other symptoms that take place.

During menopause, there is a distinctive reduction in estrogen and an advanced rise in testosterone.  This heightened testosterone level results in an escalation of visceral fat, which most know as belly fat. Menopausal related belly fat is something that cannot be naturally prevented. However, if you eat a nutritious diet and include daily exercises as well try to reduce your stress, you can slow down the progress of belly fat, which can result in diabetes and heart disease.

It is noteworthy that women try to make changes to their lifestyle before menopause takes place. This is the time when estrogen works in her favor and protects her from heart disease. Women tend to collect plaque during menopause.

The cause of weight gain

There has been no recent and concrete scientific indication that menopause is the ultimate culprit for a widened waistline. However, there has been a sign that menopause might be related to body composition changes and fat dispersal. A few studies done show that menopause is linked to an increase in abdominal fat; in addition to reduction of lean body mass; no matter what the age.


While judgment is undecided whether or not menopause is to be blamed for belly fat, other things are responsible such as lifestyle choices and aging. As you get older, your lean body mass decreases and you burn less calories due to inactivity.

When you don’t get sufficient sleep because of night sweats and stress, it can result in fluctuations of serum leptin and ghrelin levels; therefore causing an appetite increase. A Nurse’s Health study was done using 68,000 and the study discovered that women who got five hours of sleep or less added approximately two and half pounds to their weight. In the same study, women who slept for six hours added 1.6 pounds to their weight.

Sixty one percent of peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women have reported insomnia problems. If you have night sweats while sleeping, you should consult your primary physician for a way to manage this. The ideal number of hours varies from one individual to the next, but up to 8 hours of sleep is a good rule to follow.

The good news

During the mid-life period of your life, you can manage belly fat. Al you have to do is to make some lifestyle changes to put you in a healthy BMI group, which ideally would be about 18.5 to 24.9. Be sure to include lean proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic carbohydrates in your diet. Combine good diet with exercise; at least three days each week and thirty minutes on each occasion.

Other things to consider

There are other things to think about when it comes to getting rid of menopausal belly fat. These include:

  • Making sure that you limit your consumption of saturated fat, cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Eating smaller portions of food
  • Avoid over-consuming sugary beverages and too much caffeine
  • Moderately consume alcohol (red wine provides health benefits)
  • Lower your salt intake and try to stay away from processed foods
  • Reduce or stop the smoking habit
  • When you eat out, don’t eat all of the food. Take some home and use for lunch the next day

You have to stay committed and put out extra effort to achieve the results that you seek. While these strategies may work with less effort for other women, menopausal women have to try harder. Once you put the work in, you will be able to maintain healthy weight and cope with annoying belly fat.

Don’t expect to look like a twenty one year old. This may disappoint you! Aging causes you to lose your skin tone and lose muscle mass. However, consider that you are not alone in this. Set practical goals and keep focused on your health to be happy about that body of yours!


Plus-Sizers, Bare All!

There is a new look that is really starting to sweep the Fashion Industry and I am very excited about it.

During New York Fashion Week, typically filled with skinny models in slender garments, it was a celebration of the full figured and fabulous when lingerie maker Bare Necessities launched Bare Plusa new line catering to the rising numbers of plus-size women.

“The new American woman,” says Jay Dunn, chief marketing officer for Bare Plus, noting that more than 60 percent of American women wear a size 14 or higher.

“They are no longer the minority. You would never know that by looking at media, advertising and entertainment, but they really are the majority,” Dunn said.

Weight and questions of what constitutes a healthy and attractive body image have been flashpoints in fashion for years, of course. After two anorexic Latin American models died in 2006, countries including Italy and India banned underweight models from the catwalk as part of an effort to promote a healthier image of beauty.

I think this is great because it is really showing women all over that you can be fashionable and be yourself! Size doesn’t matter, height doesn’t matter, and weight doesn’t matter, confidence matters!

How to Look Fabulous While Being Plus-Sized

When I think of plus-size women, I think of the Renaissance period of time. These women were curvy and had large breasts and tiny waists and gorgeous legs. This was a time when men could not leave them alone. A plus size woman not only possesses curves but she can be classier and more feminine and draw more attention than a small sized gal.

Here are some steps to stay fabulous at your weight:

1. Stay healthy. Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and all the good stuff, staying away from sweets and salty foods. Exercise at least every other day, even if it’s just walking around town. Just because you are plus-sized, doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy!

2 Don’t get clothes that are too loose or too tight. These can make you look even bigger, and more sloppy. Wear classy trendy clothes in your own style that skim your beautiful curves rather than squeeze or hide them.

3. Remember that dressing is all about illusions. Dark colors are slimming, as are bootleg pants, vertical stripes (not in opposing colors e.g. white with black stripes), high heels add height and be sure to adjust your posture to make you look slimmer, but only wear them if you feel comfortable. Some women may prefer a 3 inch heel as opposed to a 5 inch heel so shop smart.

4. Keep your skin healthy looking. Bad skin just looks bad on people with any figure!

5. Be confident! If you want to get on the dance floor, then go for it! If you want to have something other than a salad, go for it! Who cares what other people think!

6. Think positive thoughts like: I am beautiful, no matter what. Don’t even think about other people’s opinions. And do not focus on pleasing them.

7. Practice good posture. Good posture makes you look taller. Hold your chin up, shoulders slightly back, keep your back straight, even out your pelvic bowl (don’t stick your ass out), place your feet slightly apart. Basically, imagine that there is an invisible thread pulling you up straight from the top of your head.

8. Enjoy the advantages of being plus-sized. Turn your extra pounds into advantages.

Bigger women often have bigger breasts, enhance your bust by wearing v-necks and long necklaces that draw attention towards your breasts; don’t show too much of your bust however.
Plus sized women are curvier than slim women. Men prefer curves and a small waist and they love women with some thighs. Learn how to dress to flatter your curves; not all plus- sized women have an identical body type.

Thank God every night that you are a gorgeous, curvy woman that men absolutely adore!

How to Drop 10 Pounds – Instantly!

When I was young back in the 60’s, my lingerie consisted of Merry widows, waist cinchers, corsets, and lycra panty girdles. Back in the boomer days we all kept our hips hugged with lots of lycra. We even had to practice daily breathing exercises so we could still look good without passing out! So now, my drawers are full of all kinds of shape wear. Everything from bras, panties, bike shorts and leg shapers, bodysuits and slips, leggings, and fishnets!

Yes, I’m the world’s biggest fan of shape wear. They are MIRACLE workers! They lift! They smooth! They mold! They shape! They minimize! They hide 10 pounds! They take inches off so you can now get into that outfit that you thought you couldn’t wear anymore.

Here’s the point: the older we get, the more we demand of our underwear. Once you hit 30, sexy alone doesn’t cut it. Nothing ages you like… granny panties, girdle legs, muffin-tops, back fat and saggy boobs! This is wear shape wear (Spanx) comes into play. I don’t even feel properly dressed unless I’m wearing my Spanx! I mean, it makes me feel like I’m in control.

Don’t think that shapewear is just for plus-size women either. Even SIZE 2 women want to feel as though they’re in control of their bodies and keep that little jiggle from moving around! It’s now a given that every woman of style wears shape wear – from the cast of Desperate Housewives to Katie Couric to Oprah to Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, even Gwyneth has owned up to the fact that she wore two pair of spanx bike shorts post-baby!

And here’s a big surprise for you: do you want to lose 3 dress sizes this weekend? Go to Adryss International and order their “Body Magic“. It may take you 10 minutes to put the thing on, but it takes off 3 dress sizes!

After all ladies, isn’t it all about looking thin? Ha – ain’t it great to be a girl?!

How To Slim Down Without Even Trying!

I’ve had several emails from clients who are interested in tips on how to slim down the “easy way”. Gosh, is there an easy way? I have put together some tips and tricks and will add to this blog weekly. My favorite one is “SAY OM”– It turns out that meditation is as good for your waistline. During stressful times, hormones get out of whack, which can make us gain weight in our midsection.. So get started ladies, and lose the inches. You will need to meditate daily for this to be effective. Light some purple or white candles, turn on some new age music (see links below), and breathe. This state of tranquility will give you more energy and will remove all stress as well.

New Age Meditation Music Online:

Atmospheres New Age Podcast – free 30-minute new age music shows that feature relaxing music. Also be sure to download them free via iTunes for your MP3 player – great stuff!

Radio Mystic – an online internet radio station that plays new age, ambient and electronic music. Some of it is uptempo, but check it out.