Menopause Belly Fat: What Do I Do?

Most women will come to an agreement that the menopausal period is intimidating, challenging, frustrating and intriguing. Most importantly, the change that women go through during this period is alarming because of the weight gain and other symptoms that take place.

During menopause, there is a distinctive reduction in estrogen and an advanced rise in testosterone.  This heightened testosterone level results in an escalation of visceral fat, which most know as belly fat. Menopausal related belly fat is something that cannot be naturally prevented. However, if you eat a nutritious diet and include daily exercises as well try to reduce your stress, you can slow down the progress of belly fat, which can result in diabetes and heart disease.

It is noteworthy that women try to make changes to their lifestyle before menopause takes place. This is the time when estrogen works in her favor and protects her from heart disease. Women tend to collect plaque during menopause.

The cause of weight gain

There has been no recent and concrete scientific indication that menopause is the ultimate culprit for a widened waistline. However, there has been a sign that menopause might be related to body composition changes and fat dispersal. A few studies done show that menopause is linked to an increase in abdominal fat; in addition to reduction of lean body mass; no matter what the age.


While judgment is undecided whether or not menopause is to be blamed for belly fat, other things are responsible such as lifestyle choices and aging. As you get older, your lean body mass decreases and you burn less calories due to inactivity.

When you don’t get sufficient sleep because of night sweats and stress, it can result in fluctuations of serum leptin and ghrelin levels; therefore causing an appetite increase. A Nurse’s Health study was done using 68,000 and the study discovered that women who got five hours of sleep or less added approximately two and half pounds to their weight. In the same study, women who slept for six hours added 1.6 pounds to their weight.

Sixty one percent of peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women have reported insomnia problems. If you have night sweats while sleeping, you should consult your primary physician for a way to manage this. The ideal number of hours varies from one individual to the next, but up to 8 hours of sleep is a good rule to follow.

The good news

During the mid-life period of your life, you can manage belly fat. Al you have to do is to make some lifestyle changes to put you in a healthy BMI group, which ideally would be about 18.5 to 24.9. Be sure to include lean proteins, healthy fats and low glycemic carbohydrates in your diet. Combine good diet with exercise; at least three days each week and thirty minutes on each occasion.

Other things to consider

There are other things to think about when it comes to getting rid of menopausal belly fat. These include:

  • Making sure that you limit your consumption of saturated fat, cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Eating smaller portions of food
  • Avoid over-consuming sugary beverages and too much caffeine
  • Moderately consume alcohol (red wine provides health benefits)
  • Lower your salt intake and try to stay away from processed foods
  • Reduce or stop the smoking habit
  • When you eat out, don’t eat all of the food. Take some home and use for lunch the next day

You have to stay committed and put out extra effort to achieve the results that you seek. While these strategies may work with less effort for other women, menopausal women have to try harder. Once you put the work in, you will be able to maintain healthy weight and cope with annoying belly fat.

Don’t expect to look like a twenty one year old. This may disappoint you! Aging causes you to lose your skin tone and lose muscle mass. However, consider that you are not alone in this. Set practical goals and keep focused on your health to be happy about that body of yours!


Adele… TOO FAT???

So I am not sure if many of you ladies keep up with designer news as much as I do but I came across something that is definitely worth being blogged about! The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld who is known for designing haute couture and the newest line at Macy’s has definitely inserted his foot in his mouth this time. He has always been known for outlandish behavior and cynical comments but this really pissed me off!

He was interviewed by the free Metro Newspaper and he said that Adele is the new hot thing right now, she’s beautiful and has a pretty face but, she is “too fat”.

Now, we all know the fashion industry is nothing short of anorexic and that has not changed much over the years but COME ON! I think the reason I was so shocked upon hearing this is because Karl is one of few designers that is trying to lead a frontier in plus size fashion. This only leads me to think that he is merely doing it for money and no other reasons.

Adele, to me, symbolizes ¾ of women in this world. The size 2 and size 4 population is in short supply. Now I am not saying that it is good to be unhealthy and promote obesity but you should focus on what a person stands for and who they are, not what you THINK they should look like.

The rest of the article goes on to say that many companies and groups of people are lashing out at Lagerfeld and even boycotting his threads! He offered a public apology but then again, don’t they always if it’s going to jeopardize their cash flow?

Adele commented in response and said she is proud of who she is and no one, even of his stature, will change how she views herself.

How to Get Rid of your Buddha Belly!

I know every woman out there feels as though your body isn’t where you want it to be. As we age, everything seems to fall, sag, or sway in most unattractive ways. We start to notice the under arm flab, the thicker calves and thighs, the wider hips, and yes, the TUMMY! This is probably the worst area to gain weight and I know for most women, it’s the area we are most self conscious about. I know it sounds terrible but, at our age, it happens and there really is nothing you can do to counteract it. I have researched and studied a lot on this topic and I have found that while there are some remedies that are short term, there is nothing long lasting we can do to change this problem area. But, we can hide it!!!

Many of you find that it is a bit harder, as you age, to find clothing that meets all of your needs as an individual. Some women worry about hips, some thighs, some tummy’s, some legs. Well it doesn’t matter what part of your body you are shopping for, one thing will always stand true. You must pay attention to YOUR body type and YOUR needs but most of all WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU.

As a younger girl, I always wanted to wear the latest fashions but I found that not all of the latest looks flattered my body. Now that didn’t mean I couldn’t have changed the look and made it more customized for my body but some looks just didn’t work on me. The same is true now. So I have come up with a few solutions for you ladies on how to camoflauge that tummy and make you feel confident in your clothes.


If you don’t already own super-control bike shorts, one-piece shapers, footless panty hose, and opaque stockings, YOU NEED TO STOCK UP! These are what I call, “plastic surgery in a pinch”. Every woman should own something like this because it holds everything in place and sucks and tucks in all the right places. Granted, thrashing around trying to get these suckers on is not a pretty sight, but the ability to lose 10 pounds in one minute is well worth the struggle! I have friends who wear them with everything and only remove them for bed, bathing, or intimacy. They are that life changing! There are amazing brands out there such as SPANX (which I am a firm believer in), Lipo in a Box, TC, Wacoal, or Donna Karan. These brands have the best quality items and they last the longest.


Your waist is so front and center that you want to avoid making it an attention-getting target. Some fashion trends, no matter how tempting they look on celebs, will only make YOU look fat. I know you ladies FEEL like Jessica Alba or Cameron Diaz but let’s face it, we have not the gym time nor the youthfulness that these ladies have in order to get and maintain the bodies they have! Avoid any materials or textiles that draw attention to the stomach. On the short list: tight knits, drawstring pants, pleated skirts, shiny materials that catch any light.


Because there is no break at the center to attract your eye, a dress will immediately give your shape a sleeker line through the middle. A key strategy going forward is to buy dresses, not seperates. There really is nothing easier to slip on than a dress. You don’t have to do much accessorizing or worry about what matches with what and whether or not to tuck. BUT, you must remember, not all dresses are created equal. Go bold. Pick solid colors and


This trendy silhouette creates a higher waistline under your bust, which is most likely thinner than your tummy, which it skims and hides. Because it is a fuller top, you want to keep your bottom half narrow in lean jeans, slim pants, or a pencil skirt. Find a top that is not super voluminous, as you don’t want to appear pregnant.


As I stated earlier, when I was younger I would see so many gorgeous celebs and think, “I want to be just like _____, she is my style icon.” While having a style icon celeb to look toward and gain inspiration from is great, you do not want to follow them off a cliff to fashion disaster. SOME LOOKS JUST DO NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. A perfect example is LADY GAGA. I am in love with this woman. She is a great fashion icon, music icon, and even political icon but, I cannot go around wearing a one piece hot pant jumper with asymmetrical sunglasses on. However, I can take INSPIRATION from her gorgeous menswear styles and wear a sexy suit with a menswear flare to it.

I know aging is not the best thing in the world but IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE. Embrace who you are and find your style niche and recognize that you are unique and gorgeous!